Monday, March 02, 2009

Obama - Double Dealing On Durban

We have yet another example of how President Obama is revealing his real agenda towards Israel.

I'd written previously on how the Obama Administration had decided to participate in Durban II, a vicious fascist extravaganza against Israel and the Jews scheduled to be held in Geneva Switzerland this April by the so-called UN Human Rights Council, chaired by that paragon of human rights Libya and with Iran and Cuba occupying the vice-chairs.

The original rationale for the US participating in this was to attempt to 'alter' the final draft, an exercise in futility since the whole purpose of Durban II was to reaffirm Durban I, a foul anti-Semitic orgy so blatant that even the EU walked out on it.

As I revealed, the US did nothing to alter the text and in fact helped to legitimize Durban II by its very presence.

Subsequently, the Obama Administration decided to reassure the gullible Jews who voted for them by officially announcing that America was pulling out of the conference. In fact as Anne Bayefsky at Eye on the UN reveals, they did nothing of the kind...and used a particularly cynical method of doing so:

Barack Obama just added double-dealing to his foreign policy repertoire. On Friday, administration officials led many Jewish leaders to believe that it had decided to boycott the United Nation's "anti-racism" conference known as Durban II. At the same time, however, human rights organizations were being led to believe that the administration was not pulling out and was looking for a way to "re-engage." {...}

After sowing confusion over the phone lines, the State Department chose late Friday night to put the real deal in print. Their release reads: "the current text of the draft outcome document is not salvageable," and "the United States will not ... participate in a conference based on this text," but we will "re-engage if a document that meets [our] criteria becomes the basis for deliberations." A new version must be: "shorter," "not reaffirm in toto the flawed 2001 Durban Declaration," "not single out any one country or conflict," and "not embrace the troubling concept of "defamation of religion."

And by the way, it continued, the U.S. will "participate" for the first time in the U.N. Human Rights Council.

All of this leaves the American people not knowing whether they're coming or going.

It does open a window, however, into Obama's gerrymandering. On one phone line with Assistant Secretary of State Karen Stewart were Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, the American Civil Liberties Union, the U.N. Foundation, the UNA-USA Association and the Arab American Institute, among others. On the other line with National Security Council member Samantha Power were Jewish organizations. The dangerous message was that an Arab advocacy group does human rights, while Jewish organizations do Jews.{..}

Some Europeans and Australia had been teetering on the edge of following Canada and Israel in boycotting the conference. But they were waiting for Obama to walk with them. Rather than encouraging these like-minded states, America's mixed message has sent human rights organizations and states scurrying. They are looking to inject some creative ambiguity into "not reaffirming in toto"--or as Stewart put it, "not unequivocally reaffirming"--the Durban Declaration. Instead of leadership and clarity of convictions, the U.S. has started a race to the bottom of the diplomatic barrel.

The prospect irritated Human Rights Watch, the American U.N. Association and the U.N. Foundation, which all let Stewart know they would have preferred to cut Israel loose now as a fair cost of engagement. Peggy Hicks from HRW complained that insisting on "no reference to a single country or conflict is very problematic and destructive to the Durban Review process." Susan Myers of the U.N. Foundation worried that the move "boxed in the administration" and "undercut the ability of the U.S. to re-engage."

In fact, Obama's four deal-breakers do not include many other troubling provisions still on Durban II's negotiating table. These include: questioning the veracity of the Holocaust, a variety of attacks on freedom of expression in addition to "defamation of religion," and incendiary claims of "Islamophobia"--the general allegation of a racist Western plot to discriminate against all Muslims.

The administration's decision to slip in the Human Rights Council as a consolation prize for Durban enthusiasts is an attempt to downplay a major move. State Department officials intimated that they intend not only to observe but to run for a seat--subject to the "likelihood of successful elections." Council members and human rights gurus, like China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, are sure to welcome the instant legitimacy provided by U.S. participation. The Council--controlled by the Organization of the Islamic Conference--has adopted more condemnations of Israel than all other 191 U.N. states combined, while terminating human rights investigations on the likes of Iran, Cuba and Belarus. Obama's move denies the opportunity to leverage the prospect of American membership to insist on reform.

As if they were actually going to 'reform'...

It should be obvious by this time what President Obama has in store. He plans to join the Muslim bloc and some members of the EU in deligitimizing and isolating Israel....a major step towards attempting to destroy it.

I hope every one of the naive and silly Jews who voted for Obama understand this. Nor should they be under any illusions that the consequences will only be limited to Israel. They'll have to live with the knowledge of what they cheerfully helped elect for a long time...and in a very personal way.

They can't say they weren't warned.


Anonymous said...

your photo-shopping always was scary.

Freedom Fighter said...

That's not photoshopped, It's a picture of Obama flipping off Hillary Clinton in that famous incident on the campaign trail.

Ymarsakar said...

LL did you really think that was photoshopped?

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I think he hoped it was..after all, this is the president we're talking about..