Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Man With A Message -Rush Limbaugh At CPAC

In his first national address, the first time many people inm America had ever seen him or heard, Rush Limbaugh put on an incredible performance that tells you exactly why the Left wants him shut down and silenced..a must see.

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Ymarsakar said...

He has a good priority of targets.

I don't listen to Rush cause I don't listen to AM radio.

But, just like with Sarah, whenever the Left goes wayy out of their way to make enemies of someone, I take note. Cause usually that someone has been hitting the Left hard.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Ymarsakar,
Actually, you're missing a lot by not listening to him ( and you can hear him on the web, BTW...just check and see if he's on locally, or in a pinch you can hear him of KFI AM on the web, 9AM PST).

When I first started listening to him several years ago, I was struck by th efact that his facts and sources were impeccable, although I disagreed with a number of his conclusions.

Over time, I find that most of his conclusions turned out to be correct as well, and his track record for predicting political trends and outcomes is absolutely unrivaled by any other dthat's not something I say lightly.

Aside from that, he's a pretty amusing fella to listen to..


Ymarsakar said...

No wonder Book gravitated towards Rush early on ; ) Rush is a damn classical liberal!

Anonymous said...

and his track record for predicting political trends and outcomes is absolutely unrivaled by any other commentator

betcha wouldn't say that if monkey boy were listening.

while i did listen to as much of rush's segment/address as i could. i have to be critical in one point.
i still don't think he gets the significance of marxist math.
i just don't think he does.
one of the items he spoke of was about how 40K of the millions who live in NYC pay something like 70% of the tax. i know the percentange i quoted is wrong, but it was a significant number, so work with me here. he said that mayor bloomngale didn't want to tax those people any more because they would simply change residences and he would loose a significant amount of tax payment. what rush doesn't realize is that the money hussein takes from one of those 40K he can spread out to 15 or 20 appropriate people. that is, people who get money for nothing. and will remember that come election time. so hussein looses one millionaire's vote and picks up 15 votes from the money for nothing crowd. this is what i don't think rush gets. political messages don't matter now. it is simply about money for nothing. it will only take one more election cycle and the press secretary will start sounding a lot like darth vader. i.e., the transformation will be complete.
i know ff doesn't like/care for people like me making comments like, it's over, and such, but as i see it the writing and votes are on the wall. and that is what this administration is striving for. this is not some clinton or carter continuation. this is marxism 101. or alinsky 101 whichever. when the stock market falls below 5000 the screams of it's bush's fault, will overwhelmingly drown out any mention of the fact that it has all occured on hussein's watch.

Freedom Fighter said...

Here's the thing about that, Louie.
First in order to have money for nothing, you have to collect it from someone. If you persist in trying to take it all, two things happen: one, the smarter ones will find ways to hide money and develop an undeground economy and two, basic productivity dips so low that even government subsidies have problems covering basic necessities, much less the kind of entitlements even 'money for nothing' Americans are used to expecting.

Both these things happened in the Soviet Union, and that was in a country where the vast amount of the population was already beaten down with no expectations ( and unarmed, I might add).

Barack Hussein Obama doesn't have these advantages going for him, and aside from his speech delivery skills he's not particularly bright, suprisingly. Merely an ideologue with a good line of con.Americans ( at least most of them) will not put up withhis crap for very long.

The biggest problem I see, frankly, is the GOP. If they don't get their act together soon, it will be necessary to form a third party, which will slow things up a bit but not put the train off the rails altogether.

You also neglect to consider that a foreign policy emergency is a distinct possibility. The American people will rally around Obama, like the decent souls they are but that will quickly turn to derision when he screws things up.

Watch and see.


Sabra said...

Thank you for posting this, FF.

I have been a fan of Rush's for a long while. And he rocked at CPAC!!!

Freedom Fighter said...

Hey You,
How are things at the Sandbox with the "kids" and DH? Loved the one about the cheese bread and the Zatar..mmmm!