Thursday, March 26, 2009

Left Attempting To Bankrupt Palin Family

Tom Delay said it best: "These days, the Left doesn't just want to defeat you politically. They're not happy until they destroy you and your family personally."

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is learning that first hand:

Since Alaska governor Sarah Palin was named John McCain's running mate, her foes and various Alaskan liberals have begun a new exercise, attempting to bankrupt the Palin family through legal fees, by filing endless ethics complaints against her.

In her term, ten ethics complaints and 150 FOIA requests have been filed. (One of the complaints, about improperly firing her state public-safety commissioner, predates her national prominence.)

{and as we now know, that one turned out to be pure horse manure)

While holding elected officials accountable is laudable, most of the matters are beyond trivial. One of the complaints against her was for talking to reporters about the presidential campaign while she was in the governor's office. Another objected to her office press secretary offering a statement to clarify a statement put out by her political action committee. The latest complaint is that Palin wore snow-machine gear advertising her husband Todd's sponsor, Arctic Cat Inc, while "in her official duties as governor" when she served as the "official starter" of the race.

Palin owes $500,000 in legal fees, almost four times her annual salary. She says she may be forced to create a
legal defense fund.

Now, here's the thing...if it's cost the Palins a half mil in legal fees to fight stuff that ends up being tossed out of court, it's cost the people filing this ridiculous lawsuits money as well. Filing lawsuits, even if they're entirely frivolous costs money. There are filing fees, court costs, miscellaneous expenses like photocopying and the most expensive thing of all - the time involved. So where are all these people getting the money? Who's organizing this onslaught? WHO'S PAYING THE BILLS?

Since Sarah Palin is currently hugely popular among Republicans generally and likely to be a contender in 2012, now whom do you think might might have a huge interest in wanting to derail her by trying to bankrupt her and creating an aura of 'scandal' even when there's nothing there? Who would benefit?

Could it be, just maybe, the same folks who financed and executed the bogus 'Troopergate ' nonsense once they saw how popular Governor Palin was and the way she totally changed the dynamics of the presidential campaign around so that Obama's victory wasn't quite such a sure thing? The people in the Obama campaign who sicced their media flacks on her and did things like indulging in wholesale 'astroturfing' and putting out an illegal video on Palin during the campaign through thinly disguised surrogates?.

Could it be the same folks who are in the White House even now planning the campaign to re-elect the Chosen One?

Draw your own conclusions.

If nothing else, this proves on thing..the Left and the Democrats are scared to death of this woman....and with good reason.

From what I've seen of Sarah Palin, this crap is just going to make her work all that much harder to win.


Anonymous said...

oh come on ff.
it's soros.
for crynoutloud.
the amount of money flowing into alaska next year to defeat her re-election you could run a medium sized country.
i bet some of that ACORN money ends up in alaska.
you and monkey boy wanna bet me on that one?

Freedom Fighter said...

I wouldn't take that bet.

It's not Soros directly, BTW..that money will get funnelled through MoveOn or the DNC .

Freedom Fighter said...

I wouldn't take that bet.

It's not Soros directly, BTW..that money will get funnelled through MoveOn or the DNC .

whiteking910 said...

I will not go as far to say its Soros. They are plenty of crackpots out there with money to burn. However, the Left is deathly afraid of Palin. They know Obama is tanking and If the GOP gets a conservative, charismatic candidate out for 2012, the Dems aren't going to be taking up residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a very long time. So, that's why they're trying to shut her down now. Extinguish the campfire before it becomes a forest fire.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this is a case where looking abroad might provide an answer. In the UK, baseless legal cases (to the best of my limited knowledge) that get thrown out require the plaintiff to pay his/her own as well as those of the defendant. That would probably nip this nonsense in the bud.

Freedom Fighter said...

Well said,Whiteking!

Roger, you make an excellent point, ( loser pays) and one I've mentiuoned before.On this side of the pond unfortunately , the lawyer class is far more entrenced and ubiquitous.

Anonymous said...

In Canada, from what I recall, any individual wishing to sue someone else has to put up a certain sum as a deposit at the time of filing the lawsuit. The last time I checked it was 1,000 dollars Canadian, but it may have been increased. A plaintiff losing all counts in court would not only forfeit the deposit, they would also be liable for ALL of the defendant's legal bills. If it's a mixed verdict, there might be some financial liability for the plaintiff according to the proportion of acquittals ( & thrown-out cases ) versus successful court contested-points decisions.

They also hate passionately 'frivolous litigants' & will penalise monetarily anyone brazen enough to abuse the system with bundles of unfounded lawsuits. The judges & justices there are known for keeping their barristers & solicitors on short leashes. This is consistently the case for the Anglo-Saxon world save for the US.

Apropos of & vis-a-vis the US, the trial lawyers are arguably the strongest special interest group in Washington, DC ; they were definitely the strongest element in the Democratic Party & probably still are.

Christian Atheist said...

I'm with louie on this one, but also whiteking. It more than likely is Soros but he's too clever by half to be directly connected. The current chaos is extremely profitable for him.
See this article,,25211027-5018055,00.html.
Naturally he'd like to keep this ball rolling as long as possible.
(Sorry, I don't have that link thing down yet. Just copy n paste. Tough duty I know, what can I tell ya? Things are tough all over.);)