Friday, March 27, 2009

When Big Brother Takes Over....!

Hat tip and a commendation to Joshua's Army member Zack!


Anonymous said...


I don't use his material at all anymore, because of that. And there's another I can't find that is intended to convey that Jewish "settlements" are to blame, and out of some of the scaffolding, he made a swastika.

Just thought you might want to know.

Freedom Fighter said...

I normally don't like libel,but in this case I decided to let this through as an example of how some of us can unfortunately jump to conclusions on occasion.

I saw the cartoon you've linked to ( and I don't recommend anyone waste the time clicking over, as it's pretty inocuous) and I think you're mistaken, to say the least.

You say that the wall in the cartoon with'hate' on it an da Jew and a Muslim next to it is the Kotel, the Western wall. I see no evidence that it is.

Rather, it appears to be a symbolic wall and the 'toon is a general comment on the inability of Jews and Muslims to get along in the Holy Land. That's how I see it.Especially since it's Michael Ramirez, who's generally very pro Israel.

I mean, if it WAS supposed to be the Kotel, why would a Muslim be worshipping there ?

There are plenty of Jew hating cartoons like this one being published in the US and elsewhere that deserve your outrage. This one doesn't, and neither does Michael Ramirez, IMO.

Certainly I've never seen anything in his work to indicate otherwise.