Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ayers And Dohrn Guests Of Honor At Illinois High School

Watcher of Weasels Terry Trippany has new piece out on Newsbusters that has the story:

Ayers is now the apparent shadow head of the Department of education..and he's carrying out his mission of creating a generation of radicals that hate his country as much as he does. In reading the linked news story, I found it interesting that Ayers and Dohrn's invitation stems from one of Ayers' ex-students...who is obviously carrying on his old mentor's work and raping the minds of his students as I write this.

This afternoon I learned that Bill Ayers has been invited to speak to high school students in the suburb of Naperville Illinois where he will discuss his days in the Weather Underground. (h/t Doug Ross Journal). The school district is defending the decision with the laughable claim that they would never invite anyone to the school that advocated violence. No kidding, this isn't a joke.

"While we firmly believe in exposing students to a wide variety of speakers and opinions, offering them the chance to experience different viewpoints and the opportunity to hone their critical thinking skills (one of the tenets of our mission), please know that we would never invite anyone who advocates violence," District 203 said through a news release issued Friday evening. "Our understanding is that Bill Ayers does not, although this point is being actively debated by several who have contacted us. In addition, administrators from other school districts who have heard his presentation to students, have indicated that Ayers focuses on students being involved in social justice."

Really, this claim is being actively debated? Bombings and dead people weren't enough to convince these educators that violent activism is what Bill Ayers is all about?

Did they forget about Ayers saying "I feel we didn't do enough?"

Read the whole thing

UPDATE: It appears that the Naperville District has ummm...reconsidered:

Faced with a firestorm of criticism, Naperville Unit District 203 leaders have canceled plans to have controversial author Bill Ayers speak to students at Naperville North High School.

Superintendent Alan Leis said Monday morning he had received more than 100 e-mails and numerous phone calls about Ayers' scheduled appearance and decided "it just wasn't appropriate. Any (educational) value here is completely lost."

"It is truly amazing the level of anger and emotion around this issue," he said.

"Amazing"? "Educational value"? You have to see how out of touch the people who are supposedly in charge of educating the next generation of Americans actually are to believe it.The public schools truly are the Left's madrassahs.

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