Monday, March 09, 2009

What's The Going Price for An Idiotic, Self-Hating Quisling These Days?

And of course, I mean to ask the question of none other than the New York Time's Roger Cohen.

Last week's brilliance from Cohen concerned how good them Jooos have it in Iran a column that anyone with any actual knowledge and experience with this subject let him know that was absolute horse manure.It really doesn't take much intelligence to figure out that a New York Times columnist going to a dictatorship like Iran and meeting some of the locals under government supervision is not exactly going to get the real story, does it?

This week, he surpasses even that idiocy. Looking at the UK's overtures towards Hezbollah, he likes the idea of the west interacting with genocidal terrorists and says that the US should follow this lead and deal directly with Hamas and Hezbollah...and never mind about those nasty little sticking points of call for the extermination of Israel, or in the case of Hamas, of Jews worldwide:

The 1988 Hamas Charter is vile, but I think it’s wrong to get hung up on the prior recognition of Israel issue. Perhaps Hamas is sincere in its calls for Israel’s disappearance — although it has offered a decades-long truce — but then it’s also possible that Israel in reality has no desire to see a Palestinian state.

One view of Israel’s continued expansion of settlements, Gaza blockade, West Bank walling-in and wanton recourse to high-tech force would be that it’s designed precisely to bludgeon, undermine and humiliate the Palestinian people until their dreams of statehood and dignity evaporate.

The argument over recognition is in the end a form of evasion designed to perpetuate the conflict.

It's hard to read this garbage with anything like a serious intent- 'perhaps Hamas is sincere in it's call for Israel's disappearance'? Whatever would have made this idiot think they weren't? And it's not just Israel by the way, Roger ol' chum - it's all Jews worldwide. Curiously apropos for today's Purim celebration... like Mordecai told Queen Esther, don't think that if the Jews are destroyed that you're somehow going to miss the barbecue.

And that decades long truce - it was a temporary ceasefire, and one Hamas never adhered to in the slightest. And just why would you believe people with genocide in mind would bother over a little thing like keeping their word to a bunch of non-believers? Why would he expect 'negotiations' to succeed when one side doesn't even recognize the others' right to exist?

The bit about blaming the the so-called settlements for the lack of peace is especially ludicrous. I suppose the war Arafat launched against Israel's civilians had nothing to do with it? Does Cohen actually think the blockade of Gaza would exist if Hamas wasn't a bunch of genocidal maniacs and they weren't launching rockets at Israel? And as far as the Jewish communities that exist in land the Palestinians claim they want as a state...why does it matter which side of a border Jews live on unless the Palestinian's intention really are genocidal? If the Palestinians are serious about peace why would Jews in 'Palestine' be in any more danger than the Arabs who live in Israel? And if the Arabs are unable to live next to Jews peacefully are why should Israel give them another dunam of land or a single concession?

I won't bother with the rest of Cohen's's just too stupid and betrays a total ignorance of the Middle East and it's history. Unfortunately, his viewpoint likely coincides with that of the Obama Administration.

So we return to my original question...exactly where did they find Roger Cohen? Did they run a classified for a suicidal anti-Israel jihad friendly Jew? Or was he already someone they knew would fit their requirements?

I'm guessing the latter. In any case, it amazes me what you can buy for a little money and recognition these days.

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