Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dodd Admits Responsibility for AIG Bonuses Loophole..

It seems he's changed his story since yesterday.

Actually what this probably amounts to is pressure from the Obama Administration to fall on his sword and divert some of the heat from the president and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner..whom also knew all about this special exemption and were perfectly fine with it...until White House press secretary Gibbs broke down under questioning and this went public.

Either that, or both of them are clueless idiots who signed whatever Pelosi and Reid stuck in front of them.

You pick...


Anonymous said...

i pick both.

Freedom Fighter said...

What and ruin his perfect record? BHO never takes responsibility for ANYTHING, even when he's caugh tred handed. He has 'people' for that.

Thanks for sending this, an dyou just earned yopurself a commendation from Joshua's Army. I'll put it on site.

Anonymous said...

I think the AIG guys deserve the bonuses. Anybody that can screw up as bad as they did and the nconvince someone to pay the bill and leave them all around to do it again is pretty dang good.