Monday, March 30, 2009

SecDef Gates Sends A Message To North Korea, Iran And Israel

In an interview with Chris Wallace on FOX last Sunday, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was asked about North Korea's impending missile test and simply said "I would say we're not prepared to do anything about it."

This, after Gates admitted, "I don't know anyone at a senior level in the American government who does not believe this technology is intended to mask the development of an intercontinental ballistic missile."

In the same interview, Gates also danced around direct questions from Wallace about the Obama Administration's desire to severely cut funds allocated for missile defense.

There's a message here to a number of interested parties. The Mullahs of Iran now know that if the US is unwilling or unable to interfere with the North Koreans' ICBM test or take any effective action against their illegal nuclear program, the current occupant of the White House is certainly not going to interfere with Iran doing the same thing.

And the Israelis, if they're paying attention, should realize that the US either couldn't or wouldn't do anything to stop North Korea, they're not going to stop an Iranian missile strike on Israel either. And that any guarantees the Israelis get on that score are pretty much worthless.

Last but not least, of course is the message to the American people, who mostly aren't paying attention. Allowing rogue states to obtain and perfect nuclear weapons will eventually affect us severely, and the people supposedly in charge of dealing with this sort of thing apparently have more pressing concerns.


whiteking910 said...

We're screwed. Stock up on canned food and shotguns, boys and girls. Because there is no way in Hell Comrade Teleprompter is going to do anything to increase our security. Don't want to upset the Kos kids or the Guantanamo boys, do we?

whiteking910 said...

Sikander, cut the crap. What country do you know would tolerate rockets constantly being launched at their country and not retaliate? Furthermore, there is no proof that Israel has intentionally killed innocent. I feel bad for those innocents that lost their lives, but it's part of war. Maybe instead of defending Palestinian murderers, you should take the time to investigate Sderot. The citizens of Sderot are examples of innocent people being murdered. Not Hamas killers who stain their hands with the blood of Israeli civilians, call for jihad, and have the nerve to cry when the Israeli army strikes back.

Anonymous said...

Israel is making difficult for its friends in the Muslim world to stay friends with it by constantly killing innocent people. Be it Turkey or Egypt, Israel’s actions have made it near impossible for the governments in the said countries to overtly support it.

By Sikander Hayat