Monday, March 09, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 3/09/09

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An estimated 300,000 jobs for illegal aliens under the stimulus bill
Lovely. Although Obama will probably try to push through an amnesty before many of these jobs are even hired out, several years from now.. so much for Obama's bolshoi about 'creating jobs for Americans.' Asshat.

Mexican gang activity seeping into Houston... and Mexican cartels plague Atlanta... and look for them in your town soon if they're not aslready there. Hey, why bother controlling the borders, eh?

Record migration into Britain is result of Government policy failings ...UK migrant total is 'three times the world average' - at least it's good top know we're not alone in being clueless.

Financial Times: Obama's left leaning budget no tactical feint...

Obama lifts Bush restrictions on stem cell research - lotsa embryos to kill...

Warren Buffett Says Economy Has ‘Fallen Off a Cliff’

Bloomberg: ‘Manchurian Candidate’ Starts War on Business: Kevin Hassett — "Back in the 1960s, Lyndon Johnson gave us the War on Poverty. In the 1970s, Richard Nixon launched the War on Drugs. Now that we have seen President Barack Obama's first-year legislative agenda, we know what kind of a war he intends to wage."

Wall Street Journal:Who Pays for Cap and Trade? More by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air..

The Obama team's Limbaugh fixation

Defending Rush, Steele, and Jindal - Patrick Ruffini, The Next Right

Flashback: 2006 Poll Showed Most Democrats Wanted Bush to Fail FOXNews

Rasmussen Reports: Republicans See Their Party As Leaderless — Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Republican voters say their party has no clear leader...

Obama says US is losing war in Afghanistan and hints at Taleban talks

Obama's call on moderate Taliban useless - analysts -Heh!

Israeli Major-General: Iran past 'nuclear threshold'... And, as he says, Iran is just using the pretense of talks to buy time to perfect delivery.

Zoo chimp 'planned' stone attacks - "A male chimpanzee in a Swedish zoo planned hundreds of stone-throwing attacks on zoo visitors, according to researchers. Keepers at Furuvik Zoo found that the chimp collected and stored stones that he would later use as missiles..." Revenge for Travis???

Israel shut door on Sweden's Davis Cup bid - in the face of widespread riots in the charming Islamic city of Malmo.

Sweden's anti-Israel apartheid policy is about more than sport

Islam Should Prove It's a Religion of Peace - Tawfik Hamid, Wall St. Journal

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