Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grading Obama...The Tribe Is Speaking!

There's an interesting online poll out, offering readers a chance to grade Obama's performance so far. With 259,205 votes in so far , here's how the Chosen One stacks up...

I'd give him an A: 80,609 votes or 31.1%

I'd give him a B: 23,741 votes, 9.2%

I'd give him a C: 18,416 votes , 7.1%

I'd give him a D: 41,099 votes, 15.9%

I'd give him an F: 95,340 votes or 36.8%!

Notice that the D and F votes add up to 52.7%. It's so sad to see a love affair start to go down the tubes...not.

And the kicker? This is an MSNBC poll!!

By the way, feel free to click on the link and give Obama the grade he deserves. The Lefty blogs are already panicking and urging their sordid minions onward to preserve the One's inflated rep.

UPDATE: WSJ: Economists Give Obama and Geithner failing grades as well...


Anonymous said...

The fact that anyone actually gave the moron an A shows how mentally deficient they are. That is obscene!

Anonymous said...

Since this is an MSNC poll, whose readers will generally be left leaning and more predisposed to support Mr. Obama and to have voted for him, the percentage of people giving him an F in the general population could well be higher. In any event, it would be important to find out why these voters are giving him Ds and Fs. In the case of the MSNBC readers, it may well be because he is not far enough to the left for their liking!!

In any event, at this rate Obama may not survive until 2010. He may be impeached before then. His policies to date don't exactly inspire confidence.

The economy is struggling, the military is worn down almost to the breaking point, the country is dependent on others who are often enemies for its energy needs, and America faces multiple existential threats from foreign powers.

In the face of all of this, what doe the President and his advisors doe? They spend precious time and resources attacking Rush Limbaugh!! Regardless of what I think of Mr. Limbaugh he does not set Republican party policy nor does he wield any kind of influence in the Republican party.