Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama's First Judicial Nominee - Far Left, Partisan And Well Connected

President Barack Hussein Obama has just made his first judicial nomination. And he's a Leftist's wet dream.

Judge David Hamilton has been chosen by Obama to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit. His background is interesting, to say the least.

Hamilton is now a federal judge the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, a nomination he received from Bill Clinton. At that time, the liberal ABA rated him as “not qualified” when Clinton nominated him for the post back in 1994.He was still confirmed by a voice vote by the Senate, where the Democrats had a majority.

Hamilton's a former ACLU and ACORN lawyer,and his tenure on the bench has been marked by some interesting decisions. He issued a ruling that made it easier for child sex offenders to move around Indiana by invalidating a local version of Megan's Law designed to protect children by keeping tabs of their whereabouts. He also has the typical ACLU 'tude when it comes to suppressing evidence and warrants. And he ruled against waiting periods for those women seeking abortions.

In one of his rulings that made headlines, Hinrichs v. Bosma, Hamilton ruled that prayers in Jesus' Name at the Indiana House of Representatives was unconstitutional, but prayers to Allah were not,

He was ultimately reversed on that curious misreading of the First Amendment by the 7th Circuit, the same court Obama was him sitting on now.

As for the connections part....aside from his ACORN and ACLU service, Hamilton is ex-Dem Congressman Lee Hamilton's nephew, and Hamilton's brother, John Hamilton, is married to Dawn Johnsen, another radical with a law degree who Obama has nominated to serve as assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel in the United States Department of Justice.

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whiteking910 said...

Despite Hamilton being a fellow Hoosier, I have written both my Senators and called upon them to oppose Hamilton. I call on my fellow conservatives to do the same. We cannot allow Comrade Teleprompter to staff our judiciary with detestable zealots like Hamilton.