Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Obama Pays Off An Old Campaign Debt - Chicago Style

Alaska Democrat State Senator Kim Elton has a brand new job, courtesy of the White House. He's now director of Alaska affairs for the U.S. Department of the Interior, essentially a well paid job in DC with a fancy salary and perks with minimum responsibilities.

Before that, he was the partisan hack who led the charge against Governor Palin during the presidential campaign with the phoney 'Troopergate scandal' that turned out to be total horse manure once the election was over.

But in the meantime. Governor Palin had spend valuable time during the campaign to keep fighting unfounded charges of abuse of power becuase she fired a renegade, loose cannon tazer-happy State Trooper. Ultimately she was cleared of any wrongdoing. ..after the election was over.

And now, it looks like one of the primary architects of a highly public smear job the media had a field day with is getting his reward - Chicago style.

That's the kind of change we can believe in..trust me on that one.


Anonymous said...

pledged his allegiance to hussein.......

that is a good one.
you go girl.

Anonymous said...

The more the left attacks her, the more I like her.

One of the things that sway me is the unpublished (my the MSM) stories of the unfounded attacks on her.

She keeps this up, I just may vote for a republican again! (if she runs for something where I can vote her!)