Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Obama Nominee Bites The Dust

Charles 'Chas' Freeman was the Obama Administration's pick to head the National Intelligence Council, a key position because the head of the NIC directly prepares the intelligence summaries for the president.

Freeman was a particularly foul choice.

Freeman has no intelligence experience whatsoever,joining Leon Pannetta, the political fixer and bagman now in charge of our CIA.

He's also an ex-diplomat who's a recipient of the Saudi government pension augmentation plan I mentioned before, and as you would imagine, he's extremely anti-Israel.

Freeman is on record as saying that the main reason for Islamic terrorism directed at America is our support for Israel, who he likewise blames entirely for the situation in the Middle East.Freeman has said that the US should deal directly and support genocidal groups like Hamas and Hezbollah as "part of the world order the United States wants to see," and as you might imagine, he's part of a growing pro-Iran lobby in Washington DC.

He also has significant connections with the Chinese government, saying that China did not move fast enough in crushing dissidents in Tien An Min Square and characterized a revolt by Tibetans against the Chinese occupation of their country as a 'race riot.' Coincidentally, he sat on the board of a Chinese state oil company at the time and for all I know still does.

This was the sort of creature the Obama Administration wanted to put in a high security position overseeing the nation's intelligence reports.

With the exception of Bret Stephens at the Wall Street Journal, hardly any of the dinosaur media could be bothered with reporting on this story...but eventually the stench got too bad for even Congress to avoid dealing with this, and Freeman obviously withdrew his name rather than generate additional publicity on the Obama Administration's failure to vet this man.Admiral Dennis Blair, the man who officially submitted his name was given the task of falling on his sword and taking the blame.

Hot Air has some more details on why Freeman was made to pull out.

It says something for the essential, innate decency of America that even with a relatively anti-Israel Democrat administration in the White House and given all the money the House of Saud is able to spread around, this one didn't slip through the cracks.

It also says something about the basic nature of the Obama Administration that they would attempt to shove this one through. Unbelievable.

hat tip Carl in Jerusalem and Hot Air

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