Sunday, March 15, 2009

Israeli Invention Significantly Cuts Auto Emissions, Gas Useage

Yet another hi-tech miracle from the land of Israel:

Zion Badash, 18, from Savyon, has invented a device to reduce emissions from internal combustion engines in most vehicles by as much as 40 percent and significantly cut gasoline consumption.

The compact contraption called Z5 has no moving parts and can be easily self-installed in cars.

After two years of research and development, it went on the market three months ago - and by all accounts is selling like hot cakes.

"Some of the people who come to us want to reduce their emissions and others want to save money on gas," Badash told The Jerusalem Post on Friday.

While it is being marketed for automobiles, the Z5 will theoretically work with any type of engine, from huge electric turbines to home generators.

"We've started marketing the Z5 in Israel, Turkey, Great Britain, the US and on the Internet," Mor told the Post. "It goes for $208. We are also in negotiations with automobile manufacturers."

According to an IBA English News report on the Z5, a government-approved mechanic independently confirmed that the device reduced emissions in all sorts of vehicles, from trucks to cars.

It would be the height of poetic justice if it was Israeli technology that helped free the world from Arab oil!


Christian Atheist said...

I dunno Rob. I was in the car biz for 20+ years and I've seen quite a few of these "miracles".
The Fish carburetor, fuel regulators of one kind or another, miracle magnetic coils, you get the idea. Always patented, always sworn to by a bevy of "expert technicians" and/or "government experts". If you have any idea where I can get some technical information on this gizmo I'd be obliged to you.Until I can see something besides "Eureka! It works, it works!" I will remain skeptical to say the least.

Freedom Fighter said...

Send me an e-mail and I'll get you a link to their web site. They seem pretty accessible as far as questions.

Anonymous said...

i would like a link to their website also please

Freedom Fighter said...

Once it's been vetted, anonymous.