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JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 3/02/09

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Dow below 7,000 for the first time since 1997 the market continues to gives its verdict on President Hope n' Change. But can blame Obama? Yes, we can. It's his insane budgets and are his wack policies failing..and that's what the market is reacting to. As I said long ago, you'd better hope you have some change left when this joker and his pals get through with you.

AIG Gets More Aid After Record $61.7 Billion Loss... This is definitely not good. This will be AIG bailout number four, another $30 billion. Previously they received a credit line for $85 billion, then that was rolled into a a $60 billion loan, then AIG got $40 billion in TARP funds, plus an extra $38 billion the taxpayers exchanged for some of AIG's non liquid securites. In exchange we now own 80% of the company's shares.
Like the automakers, the feds could have purchased all of the stock for less money than we've put in, fired the management and then resold the stock once the company was reorganized profitable again....but...

Obama May Have Overdone It with Budget - Clive Crook, Financial Times

Bad Medicine: Health Care Rationing Ahead - Sally Pipes, New York Post

Obama Not Fighting Earmarks - Alan Carl, Donklephant

Roland Burris is in a whole lotta trouble Illinois governor Patrick Quinn is giving him two weeks to resign before calling a special election. Meanwhile,Illinois Sneator Dick Durbin finally admitted that the only reason this Burris was seated in the Senate was because of his race.Meanwhile pastors from a certain segment of the community continue to rally around this corrupt charlatan out of what can best be termed...dare we call it racism?

RNC chief Steele: Limbaugh is more a performer than GOP leader - Steele says somethin' stupid..

Limbaugh fires back at Steele - And Rush lets him know it.

John R. Bolton / Wall Street Journal: Iran Clenches Its Fist — The good thing is that we have people who see the situation with Iran clearly. The bad thing is that they're not running the store.

Wall Street Journal:Proposition 8 Goes Back to Court -Will of the people be damned..and you will also note that the defenders of Prop 8 had to hire their own private attorney, becuase California AG Jerry Brown refused to uphold his constitutional oath to defend the laws of the state.

Lawmakers Worry Whether US Can Keep Gaza Aid Away From Hamas - The answer is, theycan't. And that goes for the jizya Fatah is getting from the west as well.

Pakistan's Peril - Washington Post


Anonymous said...

regarding the article referenced to rushbo, i did listen to as much of rush's segment/address as i could, and i have to be critical in one point.
i still don't think he gets the significance of marxist math.
i just don't think he does.
one of the items he spoke of was about how 40K of the millions who live in NYC pay something like 70% of the tax. i know the percentange i quoted is wrong, but it was a significant number, but work with me here. he said that mayor bloomngale didn't want to tax those people any more because they would simply change residences and he would loose a significant amount of tax payment. what rush doesn't realize is that the money hussein takes from one of those 40K he can spread out to 15 or 20 appropriate people. that is, people who get money for nothing. and will remember that come election time. so hussein looses one millionaire's vote and picks up 15 votes from the money for nothing crowd. this is what i don't think rush gets. it will only take one more election cycle and the press secretary will start sounding a lot like darth vader. i.e., the transformation will be complete.
i know ff doesn't like/care for people like me making comments like, it's over, and such, but as i see it the writing and votes are on the wall. and that is what this administration is striving for. this is not some clinton or carter continuation. this is marxism 101. or alinsky 101 whichever. when the stock market falls below 5000 the screams of it's bush's fault, will overwhelmingly drown out any mention of the fact that it has all occured on hussein's watch.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the double post.
i didn't get that little message thingy saying my comment was saved.

Ymarsakar said...

My comment here get lost?

Freedom Fighter said...

No...I just felt it was unecessarily meanspirited and derogatory, contributed nothing constructive and was well beneath your usual high standards. I made a judgement call here.

You might try rephrasing your comment to get the same message across in a way that's more in keeping with what you usaually write.


Freedom Fighter said...

Oh, and you might want to look at my answer to Louie Louie at his other comment, which duped this one. I think it was in the Rush thread.

Ymarsakar said...

Questioning the accuracy of LL's views on Rush while at the same time supplying my own summary of Rush's pieces, is derogatory? I cannot say that I find that reasonable.

I challenge you to find one personal attack in my comment that was one made against LL's character rather than his beliefs or stated positions.

Freedom Fighter said...

Ummmm, my sense of it was a little different. Since it's history, I can't give you specifics, unfortunately.

Like I said, I don't mind sark in the least...I just felt this was a bit over the top.

It's very rare I censor comments that aren't libelous, contain racist ephithets, obvious trolls or are selling porn, Viagra or other spam.I dislike comment moderation, but as the site got more popular my electronic hand was forced, so to speak

Yours obviously weren't in those categories! I just felt that parts of it were a bit abusive and not particularly constructive, and again, I invite you to resubmit it with a few changes if you like.


Ymarsakar said...

I invite you to resubmit it with a few changes if you like.

You have the only copy. Or rather, you had the only copy.

I don't save everything I write, and what I do save ends up erased out of the cache if I don't re-paste it after awhile.

Let me see if I got this straight, Rob. You made a judgment that my comment was slanderous or libelous, so you felt incumbent upon yourself to slander/libel me, while conveniently saying the evidence is gone: rendering it impossible for me to defend what I wrote or my intentions and character. Do I have that about right?

I can't say I appreciate that sort of treatment. I also wonder whether you see the irony in accusing me of being mean spirited and lacking high standards, usual or unusual, after making a statement about me personally that has about Zero evidence supporting it.

I just felt that parts of it were a bit abusive and not particularly constructiv

The difference between subjective and objective standards is the difference between verification and illusion. You cannot verify illusion because it doesn't exist, or rather it cannot be reproduced on demand in such a way that the same experience is shared across everyone, within statistical limitations. Societal standards must and can only be based upon objective criteria. What is true or not true, or if that is too high a mark, what is provable or not provable, or reasonable vs unreasonable, which simply means having a limited expectation that this might be true or should be true.

I can say that I had no intention of being mean spirited, but the proof is gone. It no longer exists. What exists are your charges against me.

Ymarsakar said...

Btw, there would be no point in resubmitting anything. For I would not know, still, what you found objectionable.

Why would anyone put the work done into making a coherent and logical argument only for some moderator person to say they feel, subjectively, that something about it disqualifies it from being posted? And what that something is specifically? Nobody knows, exactly, of course.

There are many great ways to make judgments between right and wrong, truth and fiction. That particular one, however, isn't one of em.

Freedom Fighter said...

Umm Umm Umm...

Ymarsakar - if you read my response I made a point of saying your comment was neither slanderous or libelous, just a bit over the top.And yes, I'm certain that wasn't your concious intention.

I'm not making any 'charges', merely stating an opinion I had at the time, which is kind of my job in moderating this stuff. The key words 'I just felt'..

Could I have been wrong or misinterperted something? Sure I could.

I apologize if you feel you've been treated I said it was a judgement call.

I suggested you resubmit it because I remember you mentioning that you had a program that caches what you write, and I do value th einput of you and every other member of Joshua's Army.

If it's gone, it's gone. Hopefully this issue will mimic it.

With every thing else that's happening in th eworld, I'd appreciate it if you'd just accept this so we can move on.