Friday, August 21, 2009

Allah And Man At Yale ( With Apologies To WF Buckley)

The above photo is of Yale's Coxe Cage, October 2008 showing hundreds of area Muslims, including Yale students, gathered for an Islamic service.

This is the same university where the Yale University Press just censored the Danish MoToons and other imagery of Muhammad from an upcoming book about the cartoons and images of Mohammed, believe it or not.

It's all part of the ongoing Islamization and dhimmitude of Yale and the other Ivy League colleges.Diana West has the story...and more on her blog.

An informative read to start the weekend off with...


Rosey said...

As I recall, you were one of the few who had the gonads to publish them. Did you receive a fatwa?

Freedom Fighter said...

Nope. Just a felafel.