Tuesday, August 25, 2009

US To Stop Issuing Honduras Visas Until Zelaya Returned To Power

Yes, the Obama Administration continues to pressure Honduras to take back impeached presidente and Hugo Chavez wanna-be Manuel Zelaya.Just another case of the Obama Administration behaving with obsequiousness to our enemies and with rancor and sheer nastiness to our friends:

The United States will stop issuing most visas on Wednesday at the U.S. Embassy in Honduras because of the current government is standing by its refusal to sign an accord that would bring back overthrown President Manuel Zelaya.

A statement by State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said the United States considers the San Jose Accord, sponsored by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, the best solution to the impasse begun with Zelaya's overthrow and expulsion on June 28.

What impasse? Zelaya, a neo-Marxist with an ideology similar to Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Envio Morales and the Castros was legally tossed out by the Honduran Supreme Court after he attempted to push through an illegal referendum expanding his powers and term of office that violated the Honduran Constitution, and except for Zelaya's hardline supporters the Honduran people appear to be glad he's gone.

We ought to be standing up for them. Instead, Obama has cut millions in US aid and continues to ramp up the pressure.

The sordid spectacle of the Obama Administration attempting to bully one of our few Latin American allies to try and gain favor with a bunch of anti-American Marxist thugs is a despicable one, but hardly unexpected.

Birds of a feather and all that...

Further Discussion: The one and only Faustahas a fine piece examining what the Obama Administration wants the current Honduran government to do, aside from restoring Zelaya to power - and why it violates the Honduran laws and Constitution.


Lucas said...

Odumbo makes me sick.
So when a democratic process manages to kick out a socialist dictator, President Odumbo tries to overturn their constitution, but when muslims forge elections in order to remain in power, he says almost nothing.

Lucas said...

Good luck on that, President Odumbo!

B.Poster said...

The bottom line is Zelaya will likely be returned to power no matter what America does. There is little to nothing that America or Obama can do to prevent this even if they wanted to.

Venezuela and their allies have sufficient power to return Zelaya to power even if the Americans did every thing in their power to prevent it. As such, it is going to be very important for America if it wishes to survive let alone thrive in the coming years to do what it can to establish good relations with Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and his allies.

We are witnessing real-politic in action. I don't like it but this is the reality that we are dealing with.