Friday, August 14, 2009

Glenn Beck: Radicals On The Left Want To Shut You Up

Remember when the Dems used to talk about how dissent was the highest form of patriotism? Well, they've changed their story now that they're in power.

I'm not the world's biggest Glenn Beck fan, but this superb bit is not to be missed.It brings it all together.


rachel said...

what a bunch of disingenuous bastards. Americans don't appreciate being demonized by these elitest assholes. They will go down next election.

Lucas said...

Amen, Glenn!

Nice way to end the report.

I really enjoyed this one.

B.Poster said...

Free speech only applies to leftists. At least that is what leftists think. I hope Rachel is correct. I hope they do go down the next election.

Their electoral prospects depend upon at least two factors. If the economy shows some sembleance of real improvement they coast to election. They may still win reelection if the economy does not improve. Right now they think their opposition is a small but vocal minority. I'm not sure if they are correct. Where I'm from a VERY high percentage of the people are EXTREMELY upset with them. If this is a small but vocal minority, their current tactics will probably be successful at shuting them down. If not, the tactics will likely back fire on them.

It is hard to know what the left is thinking here. With the economy struggling as it is why are they focusing on health care reform? It seems the top priority should be job creation.

As such, they should be doing the following: 1.)cut corporate income tax rates from 35%, the world's highest to 10%, 2.)eliminate capital gains taxes, 3.)allow full expensing of all capital assets including real estate, 4.)allow for drilling for oil, natural gas, and coal in all areas it is within the United States and off shore, and 5.)build more refineries.

If the Demorats would do these things, the economy would probably begin to grow again and this would result in massive increases in tax revenue. This would mean the Democrats would now be able to afford all of the programs they want and the voters would love them so much that Republicans would be shut out of office for a long, long time.

Why won't they do these common sense things? I think it is because they are so heavily wedded to their ideology that it has made them blind to reality.