Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Simple Video - How 'Universal Care' Really Works

Another superb job from Political Math. He compares health care costs and the length of time to see a doctor in Georgia with that of Massachusetts, which has 'universal coverage' and many of the provisions of ObamaCare already in place....using Leggos!

Not to be missed.


Anonymous said...

You guys are going 2 lose this one: a majority of the American people decided last November they want either free or affordable health care.

They believe it’s a right not a privilege. They don't care if you think it's socialism; they want to lead healthy lives. It doesn't matter how many intimidation, disruption, lobbyist-sponsored Town Hell hissy fits are thrown into the mix.

In a weird way, it's sort of like the war in Iraq -- which was on the agenda from day one. Only, this is a true bottom up, democratic movement.

You can’t silence the public discussion or quash the debate, because it’s beside the point. The train has already left the station.

It's going to happen. Just watch.

Have a really, really big day.

Tom Jones

New Mexicans for Heath Justice

Freedom Fighter said...

Hmm..a Mexican named 'Tom Jones' who logs in as 'anonymous'?

Most Americans already have affordable healthcare, and the others that don't - including illegal aliens - get it for free, and we both know it.

If an illegal alien busboy or day laborer gets sick or injured, they go to an emergency room. Treatment is never refused ( it's illegal) and after a short conversation about ability to pay, that's the end of it.Who pays for it? You do, assuming you are a citizen and actually have insurance and/or pay taxes.

The point of this video (which you obviously missed)is that government run healthcare is less efficient and MORE expensive..thus leading to less healthy lives.
If it's such a good idea, why won't the President and congress offer to eliminate their own sweetheart plan and enroll in it?

But it's not really about that, is it? It's about Obama controlling a significant portion of the economy for his own agenda.

The majority of Americans didn't vote for a tripling of the deficit, vastly higher taxes and higher energy prices. It ain't 'lobbyists' driving the 'rage 'Tom'. That's the sound of ordinary people who are simply fed up and are now realizing they were lied to.

ObamaCare may very well pass. If it does, it will cause massive unemployment, ruin America's perfectly good healthcare system, and lead to massive tax increases. I guarantee that if it does,most Americans who voted for the Prevaricator-In-Chief will rue the day they heard of him.

Oh, and by the way...I notice that lately this blog has had a lot of trolls in the comment area,to the point where I can almost assume that it's organized, especially given what's going on at the White House.

No Administration in history has ever asked it's adherents to snitch on their fellow citizens for a domestic political agenda, but that's neo-Marxism for you.