Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is The White Housing Now Clearing Its MidEast Policy With Hamas?

According to US law, any contacts between our government and a designated terrorist entity like Hamas are strictly illegal.

So riddle me this: why is Hamas suddenly endorsing Obama's upcoming peace plan even before it's been announced?

Hamas is prepared to deal "positively" with US President Barack Obama's Middle East peace plan, a top political aide to Ismail Haniyeh, the organization's prime minister, said Thursday.

"We have an initial readiness to accept it and deal with it positively, but we will also reject it if it doesn't include an American recognition of the Palestinian rights," Yousef Rizka told the Chinese Xinhua news agency.

"The plan should endorse Palestinian statehood with Jerusalem as its capital," Rizka was quoted as saying. "Hamas will take an in-depth study of the plan when it is made public."

According to various reports, Obama is soon set to unveil his plan for comprehensive Middle East peace, according to which the West will intensify sanctions against Hamas if it doesn't respond clearly to the initiative.

Rizka stressed that Hamas makes up its positions "mainly from the level of meeting the Palestinian rights."

He said that Hamas now accepts a two-state solution "but only in exchange for a long-term truce" with Israel.

Now this is highly interesting. The spokesman for Gaza's PM Ismail Haniyeh goes public with a statement that Hamas would actually accede to a two state solution in exchange for a truce IF the Palestinians get everything they want? All of a sudden, out of the blue?

Aside from the fact that the Israelis would be insane to accept that kind of suicidal deal, why the sudden change? And why now?

The answer is further on in the article, if you can connect the dots:

Meanwhile, a US envoy and Syria's foreign minister met Thursday as part of American efforts to achieve a "permanent and comprehensive peace in the region," a US Embassy official said.

Fred Hof, an assistant to George Mitchell, a former Senate Democratic leader who oversees US Mideast peacemaking efforts, met Walid Moallem shortly before ending a two-day visit to Damascus, the official said.

The embassy official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. Syrian officials did not comment on Hof's visit. {...}

It was Hof's second visit to Syria in less than a month.

Now, who else is in Damascus aside from Syrians but...Khalid Meshaal, the head of the Hamas politibureau and Haniyeh's direct superior.

That makes it all very simple. Our envoy has obviously cleared the upcoming 'peace ' plan with Meshaal, who gave Ismail Haniyeh permission to tacitly endorse it.

It will be presented to the Israelis as a package deal, and as a way of legitimizing Hamas - after all, didn't they say they support that magic two-state solution if those stubborn Jews just knuckle under and get with the program?

The EU is already talking to Hamas and the US is already funding them, so this will be the final step in sanitizing a terrorist entity - exactly the way it was done for the PLO.

Absolutely disgusting and illegal as hell, but not unexpected with this administration.

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