Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ed Schultz: "Conservatives Want Obama Shot"

Lefty Mess NBC host and radio 'personality' Ed Schultz is at it again...his latest claim is that conservatives want Obama shot.

I'm not surprised at ol' Ed really. He needs to do something to get his audience into four digits, so he runs off at the mouth. But he really doesn't, you know, understand how things work. We don't want Obama shot ( President Biden?? Shudder!).

Dragged out of the Oval office kicking and screaming while we giggle like schoolgirls,hell yeah..but not murdered.

On the other hand, Ed's not nearly as concerned when it comes to Republican office holders. He's fine with death wishes for people like Dick Cheney

And I don't recall him having anything to say when his Air America co-host Randi Rhodes said that President Bush should be treated like Fredo in The Godfather: "hey you take him out fishing, bang bang two in the head and no more problem."

No lying about that one, Ed. I heard her say it on the air with my own ears.

Of course Ed's the kind of macho guy who's into punching out women, so this kind up discrepancy on his part when it comes to common sense is to be expected.

Let's just say he's not known for calm rational judgment and leave it at that.

As I've always said, to really understand the Left, a knowledge of child psychology is a distinct advantage.


Anonymous said...

ToddK sums it up pretty well here:

The only thing conservatives want to happen to Obama, is that he is illuminated, for all to see...

B.Poster said...

I know of no main stream "Conservative" who wants Obama to be shot. To suggest such things are insulting and they stiffle debate over the real issues at hand. There are/were main stream "Liberals" such as Randi Rhodes mentioned above did want Bush to be shot.

"Dragged out of the oval office kicking and screaming while we giggle like school girls, hell yeah..but not murdered." This statement may well capture the essence of the problem. You see as badly as Obama has done it has puzzled me why the Republicans and Conservatives have been able to make very headway. I think the above statement may sum up the problem to a great deal, as it seems to be the attitude of most the leaders of the movement who would call themselves "Conservatives."

This view clashes with that of most Americans. Most Americans even those who did not vote for him want him to succeed. If he succeeds, America succeeds. If he fails, America fails. The country faces the greatest foreign and domestic challenges today that it has ever faced in its history as a nation. On the heels of the worst presidency in the history of the country, we CANNOT afford another failed presidency.

The top priority needs to be getting our economy growing again. To this end, I would suggest the following; cut the top corporate tax rate to 10% from its current rate of 35%, elimianate the capital gains tax, allow for the extraction of all domestic energy sources, build more refineries, and take concrete steps to completely end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ending it means getting ALL American personnel out as quickly as our planes and other transport vehicles can extract them.

If the Democrats would push these things they would be almost guaranteed to get the economy moving in a positive direction. If the Republicans and "Conservatives" would actively push these things, they might gain some headway. At this point, I don't think wishing for Obama's failure will help.

Finally, its not that anyone wants Obama harmed or hates him personnally that has led to some of the vocal opposition to his policies. It is simply that we think his current policies are doomed to failure and we understand the dire consequences of another failed presidency and do not wish to go down a road that will only lead to futility.