Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today's Must Reads.............

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  • Drake Bennett, Boston Globe ::Can Money Buy Happiness?

  • Rasmussen: Obama Approval Ratings Hit New Low

  • Newsbusters::The Truth About Whether Obamacare Funds Abortions

  • Ace of Spades:Obama is lying About Healthcare bill funding abortions

  • The Politico: Chuck Schumer Wants Democrat Only Obamacare Plan

  • Dr. Kevin Pho :Why The Doctor Won't See You Now - There Aren't Enough Doctors For Universal Healthcare

  • Investor's Business Daily: Health Mandate Could Impose Costly Burden On Middle Class

  • Mark Steyn: How Obama's Stimulus Has Prolonged The Recession

  • Christian Science Monitor:Head of US Joint Chiefs Of Staff Joins In Lockerbie Outrage

  • Sunday Herald :America's Rage Over Lockerbie

  • WSJ: 'Dear Moamar' - The UK's Bad Deal With Gadhaffi

  • Con Coughlin? Daily Telegraph: The West Is Giving Karzai One Last Chance

  • Bloomberg: Head Of JCS Says Afghan Security Situation ‘Serious,’ Getting Worse

  • Richard Pipes/WSJ:Pride And Power - Aligning Russia Back With The West

  • Michael Jacobson, Washington Institute For Near East Policy:Cracking Down on Iran's Illicit Trade

  • Caroline Glick:Netanyahu's Perilous Statecraft

  • Melanie Phillips:The Bitter Fruits Of Appeasement

  • Andrew Bostom/American Thinker :Killing Rifqa - A Muslim Apostate Flees An Honor Killing In America

  • Wafa Sultan/Jihadwatch: Rifqa Bary’s case highlights the danger of creeping Jihad in the Western world

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