Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today's Must Reads...

Here are today's must read links. See something interesting out there? Send me anything you want me to review for this section at Rmill2k@msn.com

  • Human Events: Robert Novak, 1931-2009

  • The Politico::The Left revolts Over Dropping Of Public Option

  • Michael Goldfarb / Weekly Standard: Liberal Unilateralism — Look around, the left has already tired of compromise

  • Byron York:For the Left, war without Bush is not war at all

  • Christopher Hitchens: Yale Surrenders On Mohammed 'Toons

  • Martin kramer: Fear Mongering At Yale

  • Wall Street Journal:Harry Reid's Evil Moment

  • Saad Eddin Ibrahim / Wall Street Journal:Obama And The Arab Status Quo - It's Time To Turn Away From Arab Tyrants

  • Wall Street Journal : Obama Underwrites off Shore Drilling..In Brazil

  • WAPO: Iraq To Hold referendum On Early US Withdrawal

  • Iraqis find Iranian-made rockets after US troops attacked

  • Jonathan Tobin:Mary Robinson's Medal Should Outrage Israel

  • Stephanie Guttman:Israel is just too successful for the losers of the Leftist intelligentsia

  • Powerline :The Conservative Challenge

  • daniel Pipes:Lion's Den: Counterterrorism in Obama's Washington

  • Indian Defense Review:Why China Will Attack India By 2012

  • Somewhere On A1A:Welcome Home Scott Speicher

  • Victor Davis Hanson:Our Ongoing Catharsis


    louielouie said...

    bharat verma comes across as somewhat a dumbass.
    a hussein cheerleader.
    a bush basher.

    Freedom Fighter said...

    I didn't see him quite that way, although I can see where you might get that impression.

    I found his analysis interesting on its face, although I might not necessarily agree with his main thesis about China attacking India.

    I also found his info about China's conection with Pakistan interesting, especially given what I know about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which has China, Russia and the neighboring 'stans as members and India, Pakistan and Iran as observers.

    I've mentioned this group before.