Sunday, August 09, 2009

Why Conservatives Should Avoid MSNBC - Or, How The Left 'Debates'

One thing I've never been able to figure out is why conservatives or anyone else who deviates from the neo-Marxist line bother with the dinosaur media.

As Sarah Palin found out, expecting them to interview anyone they disagree with fairly and objectively is about as likely as making a rope out of beach sand.
And that goes double with having them moderate any political debates.

Today's example is Larry 'creepy liar' O'Donnell, who was filling in for Lefty host Ed Schultz and had Peter Schiff on as a guest.

Schiff is the man who accurately predicted the current economic meltdown before it happened and has a lot of thoughts on the right way to go about extricating ourselves. In addition he's been openly considering a run for the senate against incumbent Senator Chris Dodd ( D-Countrywide) and likely has something to say about the current healthcare legislation and the financial implications, as well as Schiff's ideas about alternatives to the current bill.

All of these would be legitimate fodder for an interview.

Instead we're subjected to an 'interview' that basically consists of a diatribe by O'Donnell interspersed with him yelling over any of Schiff's attempts to answer.It's an amazing display, even for Mess NBC. In an actual news organization, O'Donnell would be fired forthwith.

The bad thing is that O'Donnell isn't unique..he's simply more obvious and less polished and insidious than say, Charlie Gibson or Brian Williams.

Schiff is apparently new to this sort of tactic, so hopefully this was a teachable moment for him. The only way to deal with braying loudmouth buffoons like O'Donnell is either to not deal with them at all by refusing to let them interview you or to simply laugh at them and pay them back in kind ala' Ann Coulter.Although even La Coulter probably wouldn't soil herself dealing with someone like O'Donnell.


eprn1n2 said...

This is amazing. His only answer is to talk over his guest. He obviously despises his views. What a useless schlub.

Anonymous said...

Schiff still comes off as having answers and O'Donnell an arse.