Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today's Must Reads...

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  • Allahpundit / Hot Air:: Unreal- MSNBC edits clip of man with gun at Obama rally to support racism narrative
  • Imagine if FOX had done this!

  • Zombie::Death threats against Bush at protests ignored for years

  • CBS News: Cash for clunkers crashes and burns
  • And these people want to run healthcare?? Also see this and this...

  • Red State:DNC admits Obama was collecting data on people via
  • Not exactly a surprise..

  • Wall Street Journal: Scotland Releases Lockerbie Bomber
  • from a life sentence for killing 270 people, on 'compassionate grounds'. One more reason to support capital punishment.

  • London Times:Whose Justice?
  • More on Lockerbie.

  • Ace of Spades:Obama is lying About Healthcare bill funding abortions

  • Mark Steyn :Grandma got run over by a death panel

  • Dr. Kevin Pho :Why The Doctor Won't See You Now - There Aren't Enough Doctors For Universal Healthcare

  • WAPO: Obama should ditch the public option
  • Obama, paraphrasing Lyndon Johnson 'if I've lost the Washington Post, I've lost middle America.'

  • Firms with Obama ties stand to make huge profits from healthcare bill

  • Ann Coulter:Liberal Lies About National Health Care - First In a Series

  • Khaled Abuu Toameh/Jerusalem Post:Gaza's radical Islamists: "Hamas serves the Jewish usurpers"

  • Powerline :The Conservative Challenge

  • David M. Weinberg:Making nice with Mubarak

  • Melanie Phillips:The British Firestorm Over Israel

  • Somewhere On A1A:Welcome Home Scott Speicher

  • Victor Davis Hanson:Our Ongoing Catharsis

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