Monday, August 10, 2009

New Obama Poster Shows The Ugly Face Of Racism

From Tom Bevan at Real Clear Politics:

Don't be misled. These new posters featuring Barack Obama's face imposed over the likeness of Tinky Winky may appear benign, but they're not.

Their intent is far deeper and insidious: to stir ugly racist thoughts in America's subconscious.

On the surface, the posters don't add anything new to the discussion. Obama has been called a “socialist” before. But, subliminally, the posters draw heavily on stereotypes of the worst kind.

Consider the following evidence:

- First, the obvious: Purple is only a tick or two away from black on the color spectrum, so it's clearly no coincidence that Obama's likeness was imposed over Tinky Winky and not Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Noo-Noo, or Po. Tinky Winky is an unspeakably devious subliminal reminder of the pigmentation of our President's skin.

- Tinky Winky - and the rest of his Teletubby ilk - are meant to draw upon latent and subconscious racism and xenophobia. They're odd looking, they speak in incoherent phrases, they eat strange food and live in a futuristic dome. Clearly, they're not from around here - and they may not even be from this planet. To superimpose Obama's likeness over such a character is a truly despicable tactic designed to remind white people of his foreign heritage and to reinforce the notion that he is "of the other."

Hey, at least they got the ears right. Read it all!


Anonymous said...

Purple is the royal color, and BHO is only half black

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree on this one. Tom Bevan is just wrong. The poster says that our President is a wierd, out of touch, changling. This point gets across very well and it just happens that is what Obama really IS.

Uh, HE IS BLACK. There is no better color to put him in, as Blacks and "the color purple" are a match for literary and factual reasons (about the only people who actually look good in purple colors are blacks).

The face in the tele-tubby is to demonstrate that he is not what he seems - as he campaigned to the center and is a far-left extremist.

The choice of Tinky Winky is clearly to drive this point home about NOT being what he seems to be. Tinky was a stalking horse for being gay, which is just another way of saying that Obama is NOT what he appears or what he says or does, but something else.

Sorry, I do not see racism here. Yelling racism is just a leftist way of dealing with facts they do not like. Tom, like most lefties, just does not like people who disagree with him. I think this poster is just a really GOOD characterization of the monster in the WHouse. NO, it is NOT RACIST.

Freedom Fighter said...

A few things:

a) Tom Bevan is not a lefty

b) this entire piece was intended as a satire directed at the people in the dinosaur media who are insisting that the Obama/Joker poster popping up are 'racism'.

In other words, the whole thing is a massive send up! This is your cue to have an Emily Lattella moment and say "Oh, that's very different."


B.Poster said...

Opposition to Obama is going to be labeled as "racist." This is actually very clever on the part of his supporters. You see in America no one wants to be called a racist. It is one of the few crimes in America that if one is accused of it they have to prove their innocence. This can be a VERY difficult thing to do.

If the economy gets better, this tactic on the part of his supporters is very clever and will likely be effective at shutting down the opposition, however, if the economy does not improve this tactic will be less effective and it may very well even back fire on him and his supporters.

As a former President is alleged to have said, "its the economy, stupid", he was spot on. For better or worse, it really is all about the economy.