Saturday, August 22, 2009

Courageous Ex-Marine Vs Democrat Congressman At A Townhall - No Contest

Just another of those dangerous right wing extremists Obama and his pals are warning us about...and this one, ex-Marine vet David Hedrick wasn't about to be intimidated or silenced when talking to the likes of Congressman Brian Baird.

Money quotes: "Stay away from my kids" and "If Nancy Pelosi Wants To Find A Swastika, Maybe She Should Look On The Sleeve Of Her Own Arm".

This world class bitch slapping was delivered in a matter-of-fact tone without Hedrick ever needing to yell. And to say the least, the tribe heartily approved.

A must see. ( hat tip Ace)


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything David Hedrick said.

Unknown said...

Like a drone ON TARGET!