Monday, August 17, 2009

Mike Huckabee: "The US Shouldn't Be Telling Jews Where To Live"

"It concerns me when there are some in the United States who would want to tell Israel that it cannot allow people to live in their own country, wherever they want" - Mike Huckabee, speaking from Jerusalem.

Ex-Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has always been a plain spoken supporter of Israel, among his other attributes.Presently, he's in Jerusalem criticizing the Obama Administration's policies towards the Jewish State, and is scheduled to make a speech in East Jerusalem's Shepard's' Hotel, a Jewish owned property where two families of Arab squatters who weren't paying their rent were recently evicted after a court decision.

While the Obama Administration has no problem trying to tell Jews where they can build homes and own property, they have absolutely no problem with illegal Arab construction - or the Arab purchase of land in Israel through foreign buyers.


B.Poster said...

If the American government ever tried to tell Mexicans, Venezuelans, Panamanians, Guatamalens, Nicaraguans, or anyone else where they could live, the US and world media would howl with rage at the "heavy handed, imperial" American government. When the US government does this to Israel, either the media says nothing or they drool with praise at the American government.

When an American offical or any other American goes to a foreign country and criticizes offical American policy, they American and world media generally praises them for being "heroes for standing up to American imperialsim." Will the media praise Mr. Huckabee here? Some how I doubt it. I'm sure not holding my breath waiting for them to do so.

For Mr. Huckabee to take this stand requires a great deal of courage on his part. For this he should have our prayers and our utmost support.

Anonymous said...

Love your even-handed, objective news analysis & commentary, Rob!

From the AFP link you provided in the above article:

"On August 3 the Israeli parliament passed a controversial land reform law that allows local officials to privatise publicly owned land, triggering the ire of the Arab minority.

Arab MPs said the law, which is backed by hardline Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, would block efforts by Palestinians who fled the creation of Israel in 1948 to recover their property or seek compensation for what they have lost.

The new law allows local municipal officials to sell off state land in urban centres and maintains a previous ban on the sale to non-Jews of land controlled by the Keren Kayemet LeIsrael Jewish agency."


Tom Jones

Freedom Fighter said...

Mornin' "Tom"...I see we've gone from healthcare to the Middle East..or to put it another way, a progression from one topic you know little about to a topic you know even less about!

I feel compelled to take a moment and educate you a bit.Only right.And this will answer some more leftard talking points for the confused,

1)As you likely don't know, the AFP, like al-Reuters, the BBC and the AP has a long history of bias against Israel because (a) The 'Palestinians', insist on this kind of vetted coverage if these `news' agencies want to continue to have access to the story. As Eason Jordan confessed, CNN did the same thing with Saddam Hussein, covering up his regime's atrocities to retain access to the story.

(b) many of the journos that work for these agencies are required by Hamas or Fatah to be local 'Palestinians' the regime can squeeze or to be reporters whose views they approve of.

(c)Agencies like the AFP and the BBC operate out of countries with large, very restive Muslim populations to appease.

I suggest you look at Honest Reporting or CAMERA to learn more.

Now let's look at the facts in this 'unbiased news article'.

The Israeli positions are referred to as 'hardline' 'controversial' and triggering the ire of the Arab minority' which should clue anyone with a fighting chance of a two digit IQ that this article is heavily slanted towards the Palestinian Authority.

Meanwhile Fatah, who rules the Palestinian occupied areas of Judea and Samaria ( aka the West Bank) just had a convention in which it recognized its terrorist wing the al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade as an official and legitimate arm of Fatah, still officially does not recognize Israel's right to exist and just elected a slew of hardliners to their ruling body.

Who's hardline and controversial, bubba?

And I love that bit about 'triggering the ire of the Arab minority' by selling publicly land that belongs to the State of Israel to ALL buyers regardless of whether they're Jew or Arab.(whoo! how controversial! ) Aside from the fact the reporter has no way of knowing how ALL of Israel's Arabs feel about the matter, he'd never mention that the Palestinian Authority has summarily executed without trial any Arabs thought to have sold land to Jews.

And by the way - the Israelis at least have an Arab minority that votes, and has equality under Israel's laws. seen any Jews living under Palestinian rule lately,let alone with any rights? Talk about apartheid!

And let's talk about the bit about how the law would "block efforts by Palestinians who fled the creation of Israel in 1948 to recover their property or seek compensation for what they have lost."

The entire refugee problem, both Jew and Arab, was caused when the Arabs dissed the UN resolution creating Israel and tried to murder every Jew there.Some Arabs left voluntarily, others were forced out by the exigencies of war. Care to tell me why it's Israel's fault to solve a refugee problem they had no part in creating?

Riddle me this, bubba - almost a million Jews were ethnically cleansed from the Arab states after 1948, and unlike the Palestinians they had no choice in the matter. Their lost property is estimated conservatively as at least $15 billion, adjusted for inflation. Have the Arab states ever offered them a dime? For that matter, have the Arabs ever offered the Palestinians so much as a single dunam of land to call their own? Uhhh - nope!

Of course, the fair way to settle this would be for the Arab states and Israel to appoint a joint commission among themselves to adjudicate losses suffered by actual refugees who can actually prove their claims and require the country responsible to pay claims. I know the Israelis would do it.The Arabs would never go for that in a million years.

This is about holding the only Jewish state to standards and restrictions applied to no other country. There's a word for that.

Your education for the day is completed.


larry said...




Freedom Fighter said...

Thanks Larry.

Back under the rock now, OK?

And wipe the drool off.

B.Poster said...

"Yeah I cant wait till the largest wefare state of Israel stops getting our money..."

Actually Larry Israel would be better off without our money. While the "alliance" with Israel has been hugely beneficial for America, it has not been as beneficial for Israel. In fact, I could make the case that the "special relationship" with America has been a net loss to Israel.

As examples, Israel gave back the Sinai that it took from Egypt during Egypt's war of aggression against it largely as a result of American pressure. This is an area with huge natural resources. Also, Israel has refrained from certain potentially very profitable business relations with some nations largely out of a desire not to harm the "special relationship" with America.

As a result of America's relationship with Israel it has received valuable intellegence on its enemies and it has had a valuable buffer between it and its Islamic enemies. During the Cold War Israeli intellegence was instrumental in helping America and its allies win that round against Russia and its allies.

America really needs Israel far more than Israel needs it. If Israel is smart it will act accordingly and American leaders will act in the best interest of the country. Unfortunately we do not have good leadership in America right now.

Finally, as I note America and its allies won "that round" because the Cold War is back on, if it ever really ended. America is weaker now relative to its adversaries than it has been at any time since prior to WWII. As such, America desparately needs allies like Israel right now.