Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama's Tactics Have a Familiar Smell

As the Obama White House sees its attempt to foist government run and controlled health care on the American people start to crash and burn, they're resorting to tactics that have a certain odor about them.

Let's see..first you start by demonizing the opposition. So you put out a high media profile bogus DHS report on 'right wing extremists', have your tame media ridicule 'teabaggers' and have people like Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi talk about swastika carrying protesters who are 'unAmerican'. You label legitimate protesters and people who merely want to talk to their congressmen as 'dangerous' and 'violent' as an excuse to stifle any honest debate.

To reinforce this, you astroturf - you have a couple of Democrats plants posing as protesters carrying Obama as Hitler signs and have a few of your people conveniently paint swastikas on a black Democratic congressman's office.

You mobilize the vast Left wing conspiracy to flood the comments sections in newspapers and blogs.

You send out bogus talking points to the troops via David Axelrod, counting on people not having actually read the proposed bill. Of course, anyone with a fighting chance of a two digit IQ who has read it can refute Axelrod's lies and dissimulation easily, but you're going for the numbers here, trying to overwhelm the facts by repeating the Big Lie over and over again.(hat tip, ACE)

And you sic your supporters on the opposition and collect data on dissidents for future use via a White House run 'snitch line', run by some very questionable people.

Of course, if the media questions it, you just have your people out and out lie to them:

Why stop at a snitch list? You can even put tracking cookies on government web sites!

You do your best to monopolize the public debate.You have your tame media do their best to ridicule and demonize the despised unAmerican 'teabaggers'. You set up the media with supposed neutral 'insiders' who are really long time members of your team.

You even send out fake tear-jerker letters from your people to public officials. ( hat tip. Wow)

You do your best to control the town hall meetings and limit debate by busing in supporters in advance, or even going to virtual town hall meetings, where the Congressman decides who gets to ask what questions in advance.

And you set up a widely televised fake, scripted 'town hall meeting' with the President. You even cynically use the young child of one of your long time supporters to ask about 'ugly signs' for a soundbite.

Oh, and you bring in the muscle. You have ACORN and SEIUgoons threaten and beat up Americans who have the nerve to question Obama and his policies, and do the best you can to shut down any dissent.

These tactics do have a familiar aroma, don't they? As I said yesterday, if things don't start improving for Obama, expect a major 'reichstag fire' style incident fairly soon.

The amazing thing is that in spite of what the media would have you believe, Obama's problems aren't originating from the relatively powerless GOP, but from Democrats. If the Democrats voted as a bloc, they have the votes to push through virtually anything they want, and if a number of them aren't drinking the Kool-Ade, it's because they're afraid of voting for this and then having to face their constituents next year.


Christian Atheist said...

Man o man FF!
Do I ever hope you're wrong here! (Reichstag) I don't necessarily think you are, but still...
Gotta tell ya, this administration makes feel more like a tinhatter every single day.It's all I can do to check a few blogs and disseminate the information I find some days.

Unknown said...

Could I file a Freedom of Information request and see what Obama has collected so far? It is a government website, fully covered by open access laws.
If they erased emails it would be a felony!

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello BillsLuis, and welcome to Joshua's Army.

Yes, probably. I would be very careful about accessing any government website whatsoever except from a public computer. Remember those tracking cookies,

Christian Atheist said...

I've thought the same thing. What have we come to when we're afraid of our government?