Monday, August 10, 2009

Father of Handicapped Son Received Threats After Protesting ObamaCare

This is indeed what it's come to.

Mike Sola of Milan, Michigan went to a townhall meeting to get a face to face explanation from his congressman, Rep. John Dingell(D) as to why his son Scott, who has cerebral palsy, would not be covered under Obamacare.

Dingell hemmed and hawed and mumbled something about an amendment that had been proposed, but Sola and the other constituents in the hall weren't drinking the KoolAde and let their feelings be known.

Sola was a little loud, but allowed himself to be peacefully escorted out by police. But as he reveals in this FOX news video, he and his family received threats at home - likely from Obama's ACORN or SEIU thugs.

When you have the Democrat leadership of the House going public and calling dissenters 'UnAmerican', an enemies list run directly out of the White House and free license to union thugs to use physical force to silence people, this is the sort of fascist behavior you can expect.

Obama is pulling all the stops out to get this through.he was even willing to make an outrageous sweetheart did with the big pharmaceutical companies to prohibit Obama's government run healthcare from bargaining with them to get lower volume prices on rugs in exchange for big pharma's support for Obamacare to the tune of $150 million in advertising money. Even Leftist shill Robert Reich was outraged by this one

Don't be surprised if the next step is a Nazi-style 'Reichstag fire' incident, designed to make the ObamaBots look like victims as they continue to attempt to suppress our liberty and ram their neo-Marxist agenda through.


Anonymous said...

So riddle me this: if this guy already has health care for his family, why is he worried about whether the current plan winding through Congress covers his son's MS?

And if his plan doesn't cover MS, or he doesn't have insurance, wouldn't it be in his interest to pressure lawmakers to either include this kind of coverage in their plan, or get them to force private insurers not to exclude people with preconditions like MS?

Something stinks here and Fox made ZERO attempt to get to the bottom of it.

--Tom Jones

Freedom Fighter said...

Astroturf much, "Tom"?

Obama's plan is going to ration health care and eliminate the man's coverage for his son. Dingell admitted as much when he said they had an 'amendment planned' to cover this, which as we see if you listen to the tape is more horse manure.

B.Poster said...

This is going to be the tough part for Obama and his Administration in getting their health care plan through. Whether he likes it or not or wants to admit it or not most Americans have first rate health care insurance and are not going to want to see it disappear in favor of an inferior government plan. Now if the economy gets worse and more people lose their jobs and don't have health care insurance any longer the people may become desparate enough to support his plan but then if the economy worsens he and his allies face an uphill battle getting reelected. If they don't get reelected they can't push their health care plan or much else.

If this is a small but vocal minority who is protesting Obamacare, as the Democrat leadership seems to think it is, then the bullying tactics they are currently using, while despicable, will probably be successful in stifling the opposition. If this is not simply a small minority of people but if opposition to Obamacare consists of the so called main stream, then these tactics will probably back fire on the Democrats. Time will tell.

Union members currently enjoy the finest health care coverage in the world. This is especially so for government union employees. I find it highly unlikely that they will be required to give up their gold plated health care insurance plans for Obamacare. This is highly despicable behavior on the part of these union members to be trying to harm people who are protesting a plan that they are not going to have be a part of. If union members want to support Obamacare, they need to be willing to give up their own first rates plans in favor of Obama's plan for the non elites. Ain't gonna happen.

Finally, Obamacare is likely doomed no matter what Obama does. Even if he can convince the American people to go along, I don't envision foreign creditors allowing the US to increase its budget deficit any more nor will they allow policies that will make their holdings in US debt decrease further in value. In other words, they are going to nix the plan and with no one to fund it the US government will have to change course

Freedom Fighter said...

Actually Poster, the best healthcare in America is owned by Congress, the president, select White House stff and their families.

That's why the ObamaCare bill specifically exempts these groups from having to enroll in it.

B.Poster said...

I think you are right. This would be followed by government employees, union members, and employees of large corporations. How I would define a large corp is a bit different from how the government might define it. I consider it a large company if it has 10 employees or more. Also, smaller companies can go through employee leasing companies and get all of the benefits that large companies can!! As such, while health care in America is certainly not perfect, most Americans have excellent health care coverage.

What the Obama Administration wants to do, or so it seems, is to, as the expression goes, "throw the baby out with the bath water."

At a minimum, if Congress and the President want this bill they should be required to enroll in it. If the union members want to act as enforcers for Obama's agenda, they should be required to enroll in the plan. I don't see this happening.

Bottom line, at this juncture, I think Obama care is dead on arrival. Even if it gets through Congress and the American people want it I don't see America's foreign creditors sitting idly by while the US piles even more on even more debt. In other words, their will be no one to fund it.