Thursday, August 06, 2009

Obama: "Transparency Will Be The Touchstone Of My Administration"

The cool part is that this comes from Talking Points Memo, a supposedly independent 'blog' that's a full on charter member of Obama'a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.Let's see if they pull this down off YouTube.

I can't help wondering if Obama has actually thought about all this material that's out there if he plans on running for a second term. The commercials practically write themselves.

The Prevaricator-In-Chief apparently has his own SuperSecret definition of 'transparency'.....pushing through 1000 page, trillion dollar plus stimulus bills without allowing Congress time to read or debate them, locking the opposition party out of the room to pass bills using the parliamentary 'reconciliation' process, creating 38 czars who answer to nobody, running America's banks and auto companies out of the White House and doing his very best to quietly stifle dissent with an official 'enemies' list run out of the White House itself.

Will we ever get transparency when it comes to telling the American people which private groups contributed to the Obama campaign, and how many of those donations were via pseudonyms or from overseas? Or why so many lobbyists and questionable Chi-Town cronies are in Obama's cabinet?

We already know we won't get it on higher taxes for the middle class or the real cost of ObamaCare. Or even on Obama's past.

Transparency. It's for the little people.

(hat tip and a commendation to Joshua's Army member Zeb for sending this my way - I'd almost forgotten Obama said this)

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