Wednesday, August 12, 2009

'Moderate' Fatah Declares War On Israel

The 6th Fatah conference in Bethleham in largely over, with its members having elected Fatah's new Central Committee and deciding on a political platform.

As Fatah capo del tutti Mahmoud Abbas admitted, life in the Fatah -ruled areas of Judea and Samaria ( AKA the West Bank) is 'a good reality'. Thanks to lavish American aid from the Obama Administration and the IDF remaining in place to prevent a Hamas takeover, there's relative calm and the economy in the Fatah enclave is growing at 7%, the only area in the entire Arab world with positive economic growth.

With a little bit of prosperity, a friendly American president and all the noise about peace negotiations, wouldn't you think Abbas and Fatah would take advantage of their good fortune, elect moderates to their Central Committee and begin to moderate their positions and prepare their people for peace with Israel and territorial compromises?


The Palestinians in Fatah, including the so-called 'young guard' voted en masse in favor of a political platform endorses armed struggle against Israel if they don't get absolutely everything they want.

The young guard members also voted in favor of a hard-line resolution that endorses Fatah's terrorist militia, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, as an officially recognized part of Fatah. They also voted that the Palestinians will never make any territorial compromises with Israel, never recognize Israel as a Jewish state and never give up the so-called the "right of return" to swamp Israel with genocidal 'refugees'. They also voted for a resolution stating that every one of the murderers now in Israeli custody must be released and that they will "liberate Jerusalem" as their capital - not just East Jerusalem but all of it.

Since these are formal resolutions adopted by all of Fatah, the faction has set up a whole series of red lines that Abbas and his fellow Mafiosos aren't allowed to cross even if they had any desire or inclination to do so.

And all of this is non-negotiable and must be agreed to before any peace talks - or else it's back to 'armed struggle'.

It's 100% of their demands or war.

It's also worth looking at who's on the new Central Committee

According to a long time source of mine in the Palestinian Authority, Abbas is not really sharing the American booty around properly, and some of the younger Fatah guys are complaining screaming for `reform' - which in this context means a fair share of the swag and some new faces in positions of power.

While the Young Guard got some token appointments, the new Central Committee is mostly built around people like Muhammad Dahlan, Jibril Rajoub, Marwan Barghouti, Tawfik Tirawi and their cronies.

Barghouti was convicted by an Israeli civil court of murder because of his direct role in the murder of Israeli civilians. He's currently serving five life terms in an Israeli prison, where he had some interesting friends. In spite of being a convicted murderer, Barghouti was the head of the Fatah list that lost to Hamas in the January 2006 parliamentary elections. He's hardly someone you'd refer to a 'moderate.'

Dahlan, Rajoub and Tirawi are all former PA capos who served as Yasser Arafat's enforcers after the Israelis stupidly agreed to empower Arafat and put him in charge of the Palestinians as part of the Oslo agreements.

They're best remembered among rank and file Palestinians for building detention centers, prisons, huge villas for themselves and a casino in Jericho.

They were in charge of intimidating and eliminating anyone who got in Arafat's way or who dared to question how Arafat was running his mafioso regime.

Aside from stealing whatever they could get their hands on, they specialized in doling out 'justice' to Palestinians suspected of "collaboration" with Israel, which could mean anything the PLO wanted it to mean.

Dahlan was in charge of the Fatah fiefdom of Gaza after the Israelis farcically pulled out of there 'for peace'. He was largely responsible for losing Gaza to Hamas and is suspected pf pocketing a healthy amount of the US aid sent there. Aside from being despised by many Palestinians for being violent and corrupt, he's also suspect amongst them because of his prior involvement as the CIA's preferred intermediary with the PLO.

Rajoub was the man who helped facilitate all the illegal arms shipments for Arafat (including the infamous Karine-A ) and skim millions of donor aid dollars into Arafat's private accounts. And that information came right from the mouth of none other than Arafat's own finance minister Fuad Shubaki.

'General' Tawfik Tirawi was Dahlan's underboss and the de facto military commander in Gaza under Dahlan. Like the other Fatah `generals' and `commanders', he ran out on his men when Fatah's attempted US-backed coup against Hamas was imminent and holed up in Ramallah on the West Bank, issuing his orders via cellphone. Thus he was safe and sound when Hamas fighters dragged many of his Fatah gunmen off and shot them to death gangland-style in the street in front of their families.At one point, Tirawi and his boys pulled off an 'operation' that kidnapped and murdered a number of Palestinians from Jerusalem who they accused of selling land and houses to Jews.

These aren't people who are going to have any interest in preparing the Palestinians for peaceful coexistence with Israel.

Asked about when the 'struggle' would end, Yasser Arafat said it along time ago, on Jordanian TV right after he signed the Oslo Accords: "Either we will push the Jews into the sea or they will push us into the sea. "

It's about time we realized he wasn't kidding. And neither are his heirs.


Anonymous said...

islam will never accept a dhimmi state as equals so why are the foolish jewish lidershit expecting it.

there will never be peace unless one side or the other wins 100%


RonMossad said...

Check out the full text of their plan.

"Moderates" my ass...

Right Truth said...

Obama doesn't seem to have any use for Israel or Jews, unless he wants something out of them. He sought them out this week, invoking God's name, hoping they would fall in lock-step behind his health care take over.

When he doesn't need them, he's trying to sell them out to their enemies. Norhing like having a messiah for president, heh.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth