Sunday, August 16, 2009

Britain: Public Swimming Pools Enforce Muslim Dress Code On Non-Muslims

Want to go to a public swimming pool in Britain? Then you'd better be prepared to wear a swimsuit that caters to Muslim sensibilities, like the burkini pictured above:

..across the UK municipal pools are holding swimming sessions specifically aimed at Muslims, in some case imposing strict dress codes.{...}

Croydon council in south London runs separate one-and-a half-hour swimming sessions for Muslim men and women every Saturday and Sunday at Thornton Heath Leisure Centre.

Swimmers were told last week on the centre's website that "during special Muslim sessions male costumes must cover the body from the navel to the knee and females must be covered from the neck to the ankles and wrists".

There are similar rules at Scunthorpe Leisure Centre, in North Lincolnshire, where "users must follow the required dress code for this session (T-shirts and shorts/leggings that cover below the knee)". {...}

The practice of holding special Muslim swimming sessions has led to non-Muslims being turned away.

David Toube, 39 and his five year old son Harry were last year refused entry to Clissold Leisure Centre, in Hackney, east London, after being told the Sunday morning swimming session was for Muslim men only.

Council officials later said staff had made a mistake and both Mr Toube, a corporate lawyer, and his son should have been admitted.

After discovering the rules at Thornton Heath one Croydon resident, 34-year-old Alex Craig, said: "I think it is preposterous that a council should be encouraging this type of segregation over municipal facilities.

"Surely if Muslims want to swim then they should just turn up with their modest swimwear at the same time as everyone else."

Ah, but you see, Mr. Craig, it's not about swimming. It's about domination, enforcing the rules of Muslim culture over yours.It's about creating a country within a country, bit by bit until it's able to rule over your particular part of dar harb and make it part of dar Islam.

And it's also about making any Muslims who might actually want to assimilate into mainstream British society uncomfortable about not towing the Islamist line.Meanwhile Britain's hard line wahabi and Deobandi mosques continue to work on radicalizing the younger generation of Muslims, with notable success.

Britain already has officially granted jurisdiction in Muslim civil cases to sharia courts, thus undermining a centuries-old principle of one law for all applied equally to all British subjects. Now all Muslims - particularly if they happen to be uppity women - are at the mercy of a code originated by a bunch of 7th century brigands...whether they like it or not. And regardless of any rights they might have under British law.

There are already no-go areas for non-Muslims in some British cities, and British police have actually been chased off the streets by howling Muslim mobs.

It even affects who is allowed to enter Britain. A perfectly peaceable Geert Wilders can be denied entry even when he was invited by members of parliament to come to Britain and address them, because a portion of Britain's Muslims threaten violent riots. And an admittedly controversial American talk show host like Michael Savage ( AKA Michael Weiner) who poses no threat to anyone and had not even applied to enter Britain can be put on the proscribed list simply because they needed to pick someone out of a hat who wasn't an Islamist extremist for 'balance'.

That's how it works when a society gets conquered from within.And each small victory in imposing Islamist norms on the majority, each knuckling under to the specific or implied threat of violence picks up the momentum.

If this situation continues in Britain, the Islamists will either finally take over the entire country and reduce non-Muslims to dhimmi status or provoke a civil war trying.


mdeals said...

looks very funnest...

B.Poster said...

At the rate we are going in America, the same thing that is happening in Britian will happen here to. That is unless the Russians or the Chinese conquer it from without before the Islamists conquer it from within.

Rosey said...

This is not good. I hope the "Angry Mobs" will rise up in the US before we get anywhere near this kind of mess...

Anonymous said...

Trouble is Rosey the angry mob will not rise up because the media will have been infiltrated by journalists sympathetic to the bad Muslim cause (the ones which won't adapt).

I say Britain should concede power back to the monarchy which has been lost too much over the last 100 years so the treasonable and corrupt politician/judge shall meet his fate in the Tower. Undermining the Law of the land with this Sharia court nonsense ought to be viewed in such light.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Anonymous,
Good suggestion, except given HRH's vintage, that would mean giving increased power to Prince Chuckie, who thinks sharia is just dandy and has made a huge point thathe wants to be known as 'defender of the FAITHS' if you take my meaning.

Personally, I think the idea of Chuckie and Camilla as sovereigns is one thing that's keeping the Queen going!

No, you need to put decent politicians in power, get RID OF LABOUR and insist that the British way of life be both paramount and respected.

And might I add that a bit less paranoia and dither over Israel and a lot more attention to what's being bred in some of Britain's mosques might serve the country's welfare better.