Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's Must Reads...

Here are today's must read links. See something interesting out there? Send me anything you want me to review for this section at

  • David Fredosso: ::Obama Care will cover illegal aliens
  • ...and see this, from the Congressional Budget Office

  • Krauthammer :A Strategy To Save ObamaCare, But At What Cost?
  • more at The Glittering Eye, The New Republic, Outside The Beltway, Betsy's Page and Don Surber

  • Ann Coulter: Liberal Lies About National Health Care: Second in a series(Collect all 10!)

  • KELO TV : 'Cash For clunkers' rebate to consumers will be TAXED AS INCOME

  • WSJ:Dem Congressman Rangel, Chairman of tax-writing committee failed to report millions, hid assets

  • FOX: Bill Richardson Not Exonerated, But Will Not be Charged Or Investigated By Feds In Pay-For play Scandal
  • Dumping his benefactors the Clintons and embracing Obama has its rewards....

  • Jerusalem Post :Only 4% of Israeli Jews view Obama as pro-Israel
  • High pro-Obama numbers shock country (/ sarcasm off)

  • WSJ:The Fall Guy- CIA Director Leon Panetta Getting Sacked By His Own Team

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