Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brit MEP Daniel Hannon Warns Us Against Creeping Socialism

You remember Daniel Hannan, of course..the conservative Brit politician who eviscerated Britain's socialist PM Gordon Brown as "..the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued government" in a classic and brilliantly eloquent Parliamentary flogging.

Here he is again in a brilliant speech at the Heritage Foundation, warning America about going down the same neo-Marxist path and detailing what can be done to stop the damaging process. A bit long, but well worth your time, trust me.Hannan starts the fireworks at about 4:30.

A major hat tip to those midnight sun burnt revolutionaries at Tundra Tabloids


Anonymous said...

Well, Pundit. When, oh, when will you ever come clean with your readers?

All your myopic denunciations on the evils of socialized health care and the moral supremacy of the state of Israel beg one logical question: How do you reconcile the paradoxical fact that Israel has a comprehensive system of nationalized health care without also admitting the motherland is patently and functionally a socialist state?

"Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the issue of health care has never left the public agenda. The public debate on reform of the health system has focused on enactment of a national health insurance law. Reform was spurred by recommendations of the Natanyahu Commission (1990). Its recommendations served as a catalyst for the passage of the National Health Insurance Law which came into effect on January 1, 1995."

Read it here, straight from the horse's mouth, and weep, n'est-ce pas, mon ami?


"The Ministry of Health is responsible for the development of health policy, operation of the nation's public health services and management of the governmental health care budget. The government also owns and operates many of the nation's larger hospitals. It licenses the medical and paramedical professions and initiates and oversees implementation of all health-related legislation passed by the Knesset. Medical services are provided through four health insurance companies, known as sick funds:..."

Israel = a Holy land of socialists! Say it ain't so, Joe. Say it ain't so! Oye!

Next, you'll deny that there are Hitler-worshiping anti-Semitic Americans who oppose Obamacare at these Tammany Halls you used to write about.

Ah, well. You'll probably snuff out this ray of sunshine in your dark holler of inequity too.

Hang loose, Pundit. You're going to need a stiff one when y'all come to and realize you've been rope-a-doped once again.


Tom Jones

Freedom Fighter said...

Mornin' "Tom",
I think you're punching out of your weight.You really need to learn how to debate properly.

Being a patriot, I don't claim 'moral superiority' for Israel, merely that they're a valuable ally of ours, and that many people have racist double standards that apply to Israel and Israel alone.

Dual loyalty slur noted, BTW.

Also , I love how people who have never been to Israel and know little about the country become experts on the matter.

For one thing, Mr. Hannan is talking about the failure of government run healthcare in Britain,the EU and America, based on the specific plans adopted by those countries and proposed by Obama. What does that have to do with how Israel,China, Uzbekistan handle their healthcare or the price of corn flakes at the local market?

Even at that, I doubt you or most Americans would enjoy paying taxes at Israeli or EU levels, let alone what Obama is proposing.

China's also had government run healthcare for years. I doubt you or most other Americans would enjoy living with it.

Israel's healthcare plan is very different from what Obama is proposing and what the EU already has.

Israel's healthcare system was originally adopted because they were faced with a brand new country filled with refugees from the Arab world ( for which they received not a dime from the UN, unlike the Arab refugees)and under constant attack. They were compelled to institute it simply to deal with providing healthcare issue on some basic level, just as they solved the housing problem by situating many Jewish refugees in tent cities until they could be housed.

The original plan proved to be a a major drain on the economy because of the high level of taxation it required.

The 1995 legislation was originally intended to address this, so it provides different healthcare HMO's (the sick funds you're talking about) which are overseen by the Ministry of health but compete for clientele.

They may even privatize it further. Given that Netanyahu oversaw a great deal of privatization in the economy
when he was finance minister, that's not unlikely.

Oh, and by the way, many Israelis already have private plans or avail themselves of private care if they can afford it - because like every other country that has adopted government run healthcare, there is a degree of rationing and long waits for procedures.

Other differences are that the Israelis never funded their healthcare with the kind of deficit level Obama is talking about, and their doctor/patient ratio is higher than ours, which also tends to lower costs and waiting times a bit.

They also don't have the illegal alien problem we do.

And yes, there was a degree of socialism in the country's Labor party. But over time, as Israel has become more established, more and more of the economy has become privatized because the old ways of doing things - like many of the kibbutzim, for instance - simply didn't work financially the long term.

Let's recap, shall we?Israel tried socialism and is going more free market because it didn't work out so good. Obama wants us to go more socialist.

To quote the Chosen One, "That's not the change we need!"

Also, if I were you, I'd watch who I referred to as Nazis and anti-Semites. As we both know, Nazism was a movement of the Left, and most anti-Semitism today resides there - they just call it 'anti-Zionism ' now to make it a more acceptable brand name, and use terms like 'neocon' instead of 'dirty Jew.'