Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Cost Of Government Day!!


Every day you worked this year so far has been to pay for the increased
cost of government spending.

Every year, the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation and the Center for Fiscal Accountability calculate Cost of Government Day, the day of the calendar year when the average American worker is done paying off his or her share of the cost of government.

While other indices look primarily at taxation as a measure of the cost imposed by government, the annual Cost of Government Day Report takes into account the total spending burden as a percentage of GDP coupled with government regulations, an oft-forgotten, but significant burden also borne by the economy.

With Cost of Government Day falling on Aug. 12 this year, American workers had to work 224 days out of the year to meet the cost imposed on them by government. In other words, for 2009 the cost of government consumes a whopping 61.34 percent of national income.

And don't think it's over yet. Under Obama's budget, expect it to get even worse, suckah.

The actual date varies, of course, depending on where you live. In Connecticut, for example, Cost of Government Day will arrive September 7th. In California, with the state effectively bankrupt and paying off its obligations with a combination of IOU's and 'borrowing ' from county and municipal funds, the date falls on August 23rd. In Alaska, run by that ignorant chillbilly Sarah Palin - you know, the one with no experience in government that would qualify her for national office? July 11th, the best in America. Alaska was number 1 in 2008 as well.

You can find out where your state lands here.

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B.Poster said...

Sarah Palin is probably the most qualified person in America for political office right now. I know of no one else who is as qualified as she is. Perhaps Bobby Jindal of LA might be as qualified. Maybe Duncan Hunter.

In any event, I'm not optimistic that any of them can get the Republican nomination. About the only thing that Republican leaders and Democrat leaders agree on right now is they hate Sarah Palin and Conservatives in general!!

I don't think the Republicans understand who their enemies are. They can't seem to figure out if it is the foreign countries such as Russia and Venezuela who wish us destruction. Is it the Democrats? Is it Sarah Palin and those who are fiscally and socially conervative?

Right now I think they think their enemies are in the following order: Sarah Palin, social conservatives, and fiscal conservatives. The struggling economy, foreign enemies, and the Democrats are given very little attention.

Given this situation, it is unsurprising that the Republcians lost the last two electoral cycles soundly and they cannot gain any footing right now against the Democrats. With the current idiotic policies that the Democrats are pushing the Republicans should be able to make substantial head way.

How can the Republicans capitalize? I suggest the following: 1.)Focus on tax cuts. We need to get our economy growing again. This is the best way to do it. 2.)Focus on decreased government spending. Simple oversight should be helpful here. In other words, no $100 seat cushions. We might not have to cut anyone's entitlement. 3.)Reach out to social conservatives. They are NOT the enemy. 4.) Make serious efforts to end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, while securing the American borders.

This list is not all inclusive but it would be a step in the right direction for the Republicans. After all the Democrats with their foolish policies have left a huge hole for the Republicans to drive through. In order to do this, they should stop being "Democrat-Lite!!" Time will tell if they can do this. If not, this is an excellent opportunity for a third party to arise. Can the country survive the Democrats long enough to build this third party? I pray it can and will.

Finally, the Democrats view on the protests of ObamaCare is best summed up by the words of Senator Arlen Specter. To roughly paraphrase, he believes the protests are vocal minority who are not representative of America as a whole. If their assessment is correct, while their actions might be viewed as despicable by some, it is probably the right approach to handle unruly protestors. If, as I suspect, these protests are not the actions of a few angry demonstrators but are representative of the populace as a whole then the policies may backfire on the Democrats. At least where I live, the protesters are representative of the majority of the population. Is this the case in other locations? Time will tell.

What does seem to be clear is the Democrats have attempted to counter the protests by only allowing the "right" people into town hall meetings. This certainly does not seem like a sound policy for getting reelected. That is, if the Republicans can capitalize. Again, the Republicans need to stop trying to be "Democrat-lite!!"