Friday, May 21, 2010

Advice For Democrats On The Arizona Bill - Reading Is Fun!

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has some wicked fun at the expense of Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano..all of whom claim to have not read Arizona's illegal alien bill, SB1070.

The law is all of ten pages, so I can almost guarantee that they've all read it, if for nothing more than to find a loophole to have th eObama Justice Department attack it. But by claiming plausible denial, they get out of having to deal with facts and name specific language they disagree with - a tough one, since SB1070 almost mirrors existing US law on the matter of requiring non-citizens to carry their paperwork with them at all times and to present it on demand to law enforcement.

This kind of nonsense endears them to the 30% of Americans who oppose this bill - The hard Left Democratic Base.

Anyone who's paying attention knows this isn't about 'immigration reform'. It's about amnesty and a new group of poorly educated and easily manipulated voters for the Democrat agenda.

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B.Poster said...

What the Democrats may fail to understand is this supposedly poorly educated group of people may not be so easy to control once they are all here. They have their own agendas. Sometimes these agendas may be compatiable with the agenda of the Democratic party and at other times it won't be.

For example, some groups in Mexico wish to retake the lands that Mexico lost in the Mexican/American war. If the Democrats give amnesty, they may not be able to prevent this from happening.

Furthermore will the new immigrants stop there? Why not claim all of the United States for Mexico? If a culture/country is not expanding, they are contracting? While the United States is in retreat on all fronts, other countries such as Mexico understand this.