Monday, May 31, 2010

Female Anchorwomen Quitting Al-Jazeera In Droves
"And now, today's halal news"

According to Al-Hayat, five uppity female anchorwomen have refused to follow orders form their male bosses and have resigned over dress code and 'other issues':

"This collective resignation is not motivated just by the growing pressure on the presenters concerning their dress code, which was evoked by the media," said the journalist, who asked not to be identified.

"The conflicts run much deeper," the journalist added.

The news presenters who have reportedly quit are Jumana Namur, Lina Zahreddin, Lona al-Shibel, Julnar Mussa and Nofar Afli.

The Al-Hayat daily reported on Sunday that they had resigned in the past few days after petitioning management in January over repeated criticism from a top company official for allegedly not being conservative enough in their dress.

Did you really think Jihad TV was female friendly? Think of whom their audience consists of.

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