Monday, May 24, 2010

Dino Rossi Will Run - The WA Senate Race Is In Play

Well, he took his time about it, but he's in, with a formal announcement expected by Wednesday:

In Washington state, Republican Dino Rossi will run for Senate against incumbent Democrat Patty Murray.

A reader calls it the “best news out of Washington State since they invented the Windows program.”

Rossi lost the 2004 Washington governor’s race to Democrat Christine Gregoire by 133 votes, the closest margin for a governor’s race in U.S. history, in circumstances many Republicans suspected reeked of fraud. He lost a rematch in 2008 by six percentage points.

'Reeked of fraud'? The NRO is being polite. There were homeless people giving their polling address as the local Democrat party headquarters in King County!

The idea of getting uberprogressive Patty Murray out of the Senate is an absolutely fabulous one. She's famous for a speech she gave at a Washington High school touting Osama bi-Laden's humanitarian works and is a major ally of the Obama Administration's agenda on pretty much everything, including ObamaCare, cap n' tax and amnesty for illegal aliens.

And Dino Rossi? He's a successful business man who served in the Washington State Senate from 1997 until December 2003, when he resigned to spend full time running for governor. While he was a state senator, he showed a proven ability as a fiscal conservative. When the Senate Republicans gained the majority in 2002, Rossi became chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, and was widely credited for closing a $2.7 billion budget deficit without raising taxes...even by the Democrats on the committee.

Rossi also sponsored the “Two Strikes” bill that puts child molesters away for life after a second conviction, as well as the "Mary Johnsen Act,” that requires ignition interlock devices for convicted drunk drivers in Washington under certain circumstances.

Rossi's well known throughout the state, and Rasmussen polls him only two points behind Murray, 46 per cent to Murray's 48 per cent.

With Washington State unemployment at an official rate of 10%, it could be a tough year for an incumbent like Murray.

We'll see what happens. If it's close, expect more shenanigans in the Democrat stronghold of King County/Seattle.

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