Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Obama Administration Again Shows Its Blatant Disrespect For Israel

Laura Rozen is reporting that the Obama Administration wants to make ex-Congressman Robert Wexler its next ambassador to Israel.

You'll remember Wexler -this weasel has been one of Obama's chief apologists and tools in the Administration's questionable policies towards Israel. he has absolutely no diplomatic experience or qualifications, so this is a straight up political appointment.

Wexler is currently head of the Arab funded Center for Middle East Peace, who are even further to the left than J Street if that's possible. The idea of making the anti-Israel Wexler the ambassador to Israel is yet another instance of how little regard the Obama Administration has for our ally and how hostile they are generally towards Israel. It's the equivalent to picking Rev. Frank Graham as ambassador to Saudi Arabia!

I mean, why not just nominate Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR for the gig and drop the pretense?

Hopefully this will be shot down in Congress.

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Independent Patriot said...

Apart from the fact thatWexler is a jackass, he also cheated the people of Flordia. He did not maintain a residence in the district he represented. He listed his father-in-law's house as his primary residence. Not only should the man not be ambassador to Israel, the man should be in jail.

B.Poster said...

"Hopefully this will be shot down by Congress." I hope so too. If not, it may be time for Israel to show blatant disregard for America.

"Wexler is currently the head of the Arab funded Center for Middle East peace..." This is yet another illustration of a point I made in another thread. The Arabs/terrorists and their supporters are buried so deeply into our Government at all levels that it makes it extremely difficult to defeat this enemy.

If we continue on this path, I would expect Israel to cut us loose and stop wasting time an energy with us. After all the United States is not a major threat to Israel. At least it can't do as much harm to Israel as Russia or China could. I certainly hope Israel does not cut us loose because we need them more than they need us but for Israel's interests it may be past time for them to separate from America.

louielouie said...

I/P ah 'cmon now, stop sugar coating it, and tell us what you really think.....