Sunday, May 30, 2010

Israeli Navy Vice Admiral Marom Briefs Forces Set to Intercept Gaza Flotilla

Today or perhaps tomorrow, the Israeli navy is set to intercept a flotilla of boats bound for Gaza sponsored by Turkey's Islamist, Israel-hating Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan.

They claim to be carrying 'humanitarian aid' for Hamas and the convoy includes several Leftist members of the European Parliament whom the Turks view as an "insurance policy" against the Israeli Navy.

As the above video makes clear, the Israelis aren't being intimidated. Vice Admiral Eliezer Marom makes that clear, even as he's warning his men not to respond to what are sure to be outrageous provocations.

The true nature of these 'humanitarians' can be seen by the fact that they refused the plea of Hamas captive Gilad Shalit's parents to carry letters and packages to Gaza for Shalit. He's been held incommunicado by Hamas for almost four years now.

Obviously, their so-called compassion doesn't extend to Jews.

What Erdogan gets out of this is obvious. If the Israeli naval blockade can be breached, another channel to ship weaponry to Hamas from Iran can be opened.Even better, if the 'humanitarians in this convoy can provoke an incident, there will be headlines throughout much of the Muslim world and Europe.

There's also the side benefit of Erdogan endearing himself and Turkey not only to Iran but to the anti-Israel European Left.Turkey still wants into the EU, at least for as long as it's still around. And Erdogan's counting on creating good will towards that goal among the anti-Israel elements of the EU, in spite of his dubious record on human rights.

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