Friday, May 21, 2010

Video: Troops Surprise Loved Ones When They Come Home

If this doesn't move you, you aren't human.

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louielouie said...

If this doesn't move you, you aren't human.

so what you're saying is, the current occupant of the white house is not human.

B.Poster said...

This is very moving!! If the Democrats would do two things they would probably crusie to reelection and gain seats in the House and Senate. These are: 1.)end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by bringing ALL troops home IMMEDIATELY as fast as we can get them out. They can replay scense like this over and over in the media. There can be parades with the Flag in the background and the playing of the "Star Spangled Banner" and "America the Beautiful" being played and the troops coming home can be the stars of the whole thing. 2.)Immediately open up for drilling ALL areas onshore that are believed to have oil. We have plenty in areas such as the Baken Formation and elsewhere. There is more onshore than there is offshore, it is less costly to get to, and it is easier to contain in the event of a spill. With the spill in the gulf and the ensuing problems this has caused it has become even more imperative that a greater focus be placed on oil drilling on land. Doing this would create a massive amount of jobs very quickly and all of the created jobs would be high paying union jobs.

Unless one is ideologically blind, hates America, or is very, very stupid there is absolutely nothing not to like about proposal number
2. Proposal number one, if implemented, would immediately make the implementer VERY, VERY popular among the voters.

Do these two things and the Democrats would coast to reelection and would gain seats in the House, the Senate, and in the State Legislatures. They can't say they can't do these things. They control the House, the Senate, the news media, and the courts. Never before in American history has anyone ever had as much power as Barack Obama and the Democrats especially Barack Obama has right now.

In the case of the Republicans, the Democrats used the filibuster, the courts, and the media to thwart Republicans when they had control. The Republicans don't have this option. The Democrats have more power than they ever did. As such, there is absolutely no excuse for not taking the above mentioned actions. By not making steps to do these things, the Democrats are showing themselves to be a.)stupid, b.)ideologically blind, or c.)evil. I think its mostly a combination of b. and c. with a dash of a thrown in.

Finally, a creature who has absolute power and lacks rudimentary common sense is a very dangerous creature. Barack Obama, the Democrats, and the Republican leaderhsip seem to be this kind of creature. I pray our country can somehow survive these people.