Friday, May 28, 2010

Obama And Sestak Negotiating On Getting Their Stories Straight

This is unbelievable in its cynical disregard for the American people:

Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) said Thursday his brother has spoken with White House officials about the congressman's allegation that he was offered an Obama administration job if he would stay out of a Democratic Senate primary.

Sestak ran in, and won, that primary, defeating the White House's preferred candidate, Sen. Arlen Specter.

He told reporters Thursday that he would not expand upon his prior statements until the White House releases its report on the matter. President Obama said in his news conference such a report would come "shortly."

Richard Sestak, who has served as his brother's top political adviser and campaign lawyer, spoke with administration officials Wednesday, Joe Sestak said.

"They got ahold of my brother on his cellphone, and he spoke to the White House . . . about what's going to occur," said Sestak, who said he expects the White House will release its information Friday. He declined to elaborate on his discussions with his brother.

Get that..they're negotiating.

I wonder how much DNC campaign cash an dother favors are involved?

In a 15-minute interview with the Capitol press corps Thursday, Sestak said the fixation with the story is an inside-the-Beltway phenomenon that does not translate into hurting his efforts to defeat Republican Pat Toomey in November. He said the ordeal has grown out of a single quip -- answering "yes" and saying he was offered a "high-up job" -- to a question posed by longtime Philadelphia TV newsman Larry Kane during a February interview.

"Something happened last July, literally, hardly even remember it," Sestak said of the offer. "All of a sudden, in this interview, someone asked a question . . . and I answered it up front. But I immediately said the same thing I said to you and haven't deviated: Look, let's move on, the rest is politics."

All of a sudden, he 'hardly remembers it?' After talking to the White House the last few days? And with Sestak, a possible felony is 'politics as usual'?

Do the people of Pennsylvania really have such deep self=loathing that they would want this man as their senator?

There needs to be a special independent prosecutor named immediately to put Sestak under oath and find out exactly what he remembers. And that goes for his brother as well, so that there's transparency about whatever deal he and the White House worked out.

No wonder Zero wouldn't give anyone a straight answer in his press conference yesterday.

Imagine what kind of contempt he must have for the American people.

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