Friday, May 28, 2010

BP Buses In 400 Fake Workers as Backdrop For Obama's Photo Op

President Barack Obama finally deigned to go to the Gulf today and spent all of three hours there - less time than he typically spends playing golf.

One interesting thing about today's photo op - BP bussed in a small army of temp workers to spruce things up pretty for the president and the national news crews and then pose looking like oil cleanup workers:

Perhaps you saw news footage of President Obama in Grand Isle, La., on Friday and thought things didn't look all that bad. Well, there may have been a reason for that: The town was evidently swarmed by an army of temp workers to spruce it up for the president and the national news crews following him.

Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts, whose district encompasses Grand Isle, told Yahoo! News that BP bused in "hundreds" of temporary workers to clean up local beaches. And as soon as the president was en route back to Washington, the workers were clearing out of Grand Isle too, Roberts said.

"The level of cleanup and cooperation we've gotten from BP in the past is in no way consistent to the effort shown on the island today," Roberts said by telephone. "As soon as the president left, they were immediately put back on the buses and sent home."

Just another phony PR show to make Zero look presidential.

He's on the way to yet another vacay. Perhaps he'll be able to get in a nice round of golf.

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B.Poster said...

Part of the problem may be that BP is a foreign company and really does not care much about America. It would be one thing if we did not have the expertise in country to drill a deep water well to access our oil reserves. In this case, you would have to bring in expertise from outside of the country to do this. However, I think we have the expertise in America to do this. As such, the contract for this drill should have been given to an American company. To give this contract to a foreign company when there are companies in America who can do the job is, at best, questionable judgement and, at worst, is treasonous.

The US government showed more urgency in responding to the Indonesian Tsinami, the Pakistani Earthquake of 2007, and the recent Hatian earthquake than it showed in responding to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, the recent floods in Nashville, or this oil spill. Just who is the United States government working for?!!?