Sunday, May 30, 2010

Muslim Hate Imam Let Into Britain

The dhimmitude in the UK continues...

The home secretary, Theresa May, is facing a stiff test of the Conservative party’s claims to oppose radical Islam after her officials chose to allow a misogynist Muslim preacher into Britain.

Zakir Naik, an Indian televangelist described as a “hate-monger” by moderate Muslims and one Tory MP, says western women make themselves “more susceptible to rape” by wearing revealing clothing.

Naik, who proselytises on Peace TV, a satellite television channel, is reported to have called for the execution of Muslims who change their faith, described Americans as “pigs” and said that “every Muslim should be a terrorist”.

In a recent lecture, he said he was “with” Osama Bin Laden over the attacks on “terrorist America”, adding that the 9/11 hijackings were an inside job by President George W Bush.{...}

Although Naik makes it clear he does not support specific acts of terrorism, his inflammatory speeches have included one, currently on YouTube, in which he states: “Beware of Muslims saying Osama Bin Laden is right or wrong. I reject them ... we don’t know.

“But if you ask my view, if given the truth, if he is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him.

“I don’t know what he’s doing. I’m not in touch with him. I don’t know him personally. If he is terrorising the terrorists, if he is terrorising America the terrorist ... I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist.”

Naik is going to be doing a tour of the UK rock star style, with appearances at venues like Wembley Arena in London.

Tzipi Livni, Geert Wilder, Israeli academics and delegations of IDF officers? Not welcome in the UK.

But this jihadi? Do come in, and make yourself at home....

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B.Poster said...

The UK is not much different than the US. Everyone is up and arms about Israel's denial of entry to its mortal enemy, Noam Chomsky. The US media has essentially led the charge here. Also, while the majority of Americans typically seem to support the AZ law to try and curb the flow of illegals into our country, the response of the American people has been remararkably mild considering the virtual invasion of our country being undertaken by Mexico. If Americans were flooding into Mexico in such numbers, the Mexican government would have sought and gotten a UN general assembly resoultion condeming Aemrican actions. Furthermore they would have sought and gotten help from the UN in securing the borders. There would be massive protests and boycotts agaisnt the US and all of its interests in response to this virtual invasion of Mexico. Yet when Mexico does this to the US it is America and AZ who are condemmed for daring to try and defend its citizens and its way of life.

I digress. The point is America, Britian, and the West will not defend themselves. As such, this action by Britian is hardly surprising.

The only hope for America, Britian, and the West may be to overthrow the current governments and replace them with governments who will represent their interests. Hopefully it won't come to that. AZ provides an encouraging sign that people may be starting to wake up. Hopefully the governments of America and the West, on the whole, will GET WITH THE PRIGRAM and do their duty and act to defend our countries and our way of life. If not, they need to go. Perhaps it can begin with the government of AZ who seems to have stepped up to the plate and is doing what is right.