Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Anarchy InThe UK - Tomorrow's Elections

Tomorrow, our cousins across the pond go to elections. They're in an unbelievably foul mood.

The bill has finally come due from thirteen years of "New Labour" economy in serious difficulty, major debt, a school system with increasing troubles and a realization by many Brits that the sort of immigration policies favored by New Labour have brought about their own set of problems.Even worse, there is a disaffection among many Britons about the ability of their current leaders to fix what's wrong.

The Conservatives, headed by David Cameron are leading by about 8 points in the polls, but in real terms that could mean only forty percent of the vote, and by no means a certain ascendancy to the Prime Minister's office for their leader David Cameron.

Because for the first time in a long while in the UK, this is a three man race.

As a matter of fact, Labour, headed by current British Prime Minister Gordan Brown is likely to become the number three party in the UK as the Liberal Democrats, headed by Nicholas Clegg are likely to top Labour in the polls and be the king makers in this election if no one gets a clear majority.

Part of the problem is what it actually means to be a Conservative in Britain, where there's no conservative talk radio, where 'hate speech' laws are strictly enforced where the government owned media is even further left than it is here and where an ever larger percentage of voters are dependent on government largess that Britain can't really afford any more, although neither of the three candidates is admitting it for the most part.

For example, Gordon Brown, who bears a fair amount of responsibility for Britain's debt load has defiantly vowed to go on spending, although where the money's going to come from is anybody's guess.

In response, Cameron has had to dilute the Conservative agenda significantly.

Another issue no one really wants to address much but that is obviously looming large in many British voter's minds is immigration, particularly Muslim immigration.

Under Labour, Muslim immigration to Britain increased ten fold and Britain is now faced with a restive Muslim population who shows every indication of wanting to become a state within a state. Jihad mosques abound, Sharia courts are already mandatory for Muslims in domestic litigation and have equal standing with British common law,there are no-go areas in British cities where non-Muslims are increasingly not welcome and even Britain's Muslim police have given notice that they will not enforce Britain's anti-terrorim laws because as far as they're concerned, Islam is not to blame for recent terrorist attacks, and that 'Islamophobia' is a much more dangerous threat to national security.

This being an election year, the Conservatives have made a few tepid statements on the matter, but no one else has even mentioned it. with the exception of Gordon Brown, who was embarrassed and took a dive in the polls after he was caught live in his vehicle castigating a 66-year-old lifetime Labour voter as a 'bigot' after she merely raised the question in his presence!

This is likely to go down one of two ways. Assuming that the Conservatives don't win enough seats to govern, the Conservatives will significantly water down their agenda even further to go into a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Or depending on how many seats each party wins, the Liberals will form a coalition with Labour, whom they're much more ideologically close to. And Labour will toss away Gordon Brown as part of the deal.

Whomever wins, they are going to have to pull a few rabbits out of hats in order to convince the British electorate to go along with the sort of cuts and spending limits that are going to be necessary.

It won't be an easy job.

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B.Poster said...

The problems Britian has seem to almost mirror the problems the US has in alot of ways. Unfortunately America's problems are far more severe than Britian's are.

Like Britian America will need to undertake steep cuts in Government in spending. This is going to be extremely difficult here as well because so many people are dependent upon government largess.

I'm not sure about britian but the easiest place for America to cut spending is going to be in the military. The military inustrial complex simply does not have the lobbying power that others do.

The down side to this is we will be left virtually defenseless. Of course if we end all over seas engagements and redeploy to defensible positions along the border we likely would not to spend as much on the military and we would actually have a fighting chance to defend ourselves.

I'll be watching to see how Britian addresses their problems to see if they are successful. If they are, there may be some hope for us but I must say British governemnt officials no doubt wake up every morning grateful that the problems they face are not nearly as severe as what America faces!!