Friday, May 14, 2010

Sarah Palin's New Book Due Out November 23rd

It's called "America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag". Expect it to be (a) a great read (b)sell huge and (c) absolutely drive the Angry Left mouth frothing rabid crazy with Palin Derangement Syndrome:

Her latest effort is reportedly focused on American values like "family, faith, and patriotism."

The AP reports that, according to the HarperCollins statement, the book will include "selections from classic and contemporary readings" that have moved the controvertial Republican. The nation's founding documents will be included, the publisher said, as well as "great speeches, sermons, letters, literature and poetry, biography, and even some of her favorite songs and movies."

Also included will be "portraits" of people Palin admires, including some that she met while on her "Going Rogue" book tour. On that tour, the Fox News contributor made stops largely in the sorts of rural conservative areas she called "real America" during the 2008 campaign.

The AP reports that the book will have an initial printing of 1 million copies and retail for $25.99, and that Palin will again work with a collaborator.

Palin plans to tour in support of the book, which is being released almost a year-to-the-day after "Going Rogue."

Note the CBS News misspelling of 'controversial' in paragraph 2..probably by a reporter who thinks Governor Palin is some stoo-pid rube from flyover land. Heh!

Those of you so inclined can pre-order the book on Amazon here.

In other news Governor Palin also surfaced as a speaker before the Susan B. Anthony List breakfast, which supports women running for office:

Sarah Palin said this morning that she understands why a woman "would be tempted" to have an abortion because of her experience with her son Trig.

Speaking at the Susan B. Anthony List Celebration of Life breakfast, Palin said that when she learned during her pregnancy that Trig would be born with Down syndrome, she "had no idea how I was going to handle the situation of raising a special needs child."

She said she was struck by "not knowing if my heart was ready, not knowing if I was patient and nurturing enough."

While she had previously believed that "God will never give me something I cannot handle," she said, she was left thinking, "I don't think I can handle this. This wasn't part of my life's plan."

As a busy mother who already had four kids and who was serving as Alaska governor, she said, she wondered how she would handle raising the child. She thought perhaps her sister, who has a child with autism, would have been better equipped to raise him.

Palin said the experience helped her understand how a woman would consider having an abortion, "because I've been there."

Yet once Trig was born, Palin said, she understood that "God does know what he's doing."

"And what seemed like it would be such a challenge has turned into our greatest blessing," Palin said, telling her audience he was "the best thing to ever happen" to her and her family.

Palin stressed she had always been strongly "pro-life," and had never actively considered abortion.

But she said that her experience as well as the experience of her daughter Bristol, who she said suffered "public humiliation" when she became pregnant at 17 years old, "changed my perspective on that situation."

"Our experience gave me empathy for those finding themselves in less than ideal circumstances," she said.

In the end, she said, she has "strengthened my support for choosing life," adding that it "may not be easiest, but it's the right path."

You go, Gov!

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louielouie said...

givn the curent state of jurnhalism, i beg to difer with ff reguarding his coment about the speling of the word "controvertial".
i theenk that is how the reporter theenks the werd is speled.
no MSM reporters bother to check sources, so why would anyone expect them to check the mechanics of how they report.
if you think otherwise, you are racist.

Freedom Fighter said...

I'm sure Sarah will be laughing all the way to the bank!

B.Poster said...

Why does C happen? Mrs. Palin has a small but vocal following. While it is enough to sell books, it is not enough to win a general election. Also, there are more people who simply can't stand her than there are of small vocal followers.

The influence of this woman is minimal. She has no chance to win an election of any type, any where, at any time. This is primarily because of her decision to quit as Governor in mid stream. Any opponent in a primary will have a field day with this.

To turn this around, it will take more than explaining it in the book. Not enough people will read the book for this to make any difference. She will need to be able to explain her decision to quit in a simple fashion that will catch on with the voting public.

Even if she overcomes all of this, the Republican party will never give her the nomination. It is my sense that one of the few areas the Republican and Democrat leaders agree on is they both hate Sarah Palin. In summary, why is the left worried about such an insignificant person as Mrs. Palin? It makes absolutely no sense but then nothing about the left ever did make sense.

B.Poster said...

Just for the record I actually happen to like Mrs. Palin. I think she would be a vast improvement over what we currently have running things, however, this still does not alter the fact that she has neither the following nor the financial clout to compete in a general election and she has the huge albatross of quiting mid stream as Governor of Alaska weighing her down. Some how she would have to overcome all of this to become a serious candidate for national office. Its kind of silly for the left and others to spend so much time and energy on a minor political player as she is.

Anonymous said...

Deomocorrupt and repubican leaders may hate Sarah Palin but obviously the public (read voters) do not when one sees her unflagging ability to fill auditoriums and arenas across the country.
B. Poster has obviously never tried to get a ticket to a Palin speech. They are gone instantly. The concern troll B.Poster, another bull------ is most certainly a Soros instigated troll spewing the tired template talking points of Georgie's boys and girls as they seek to weaken the resolve those of us who know progressivism and social justice are threadbare covers for the very old, blood- soaked, discredited leftist statism & despotism being peddled by marxists and a failing B Hussein.
Joshua Pundit you have made it!You are now being monitored by Soros's paid legions at Media Matters and its basement dwelling troll armies. The appearnce of talking poit leftie trolls is a sure sign of success for a conservative blog.
Do I smell fear in the blather foaming from from B. Poster or is it already blood in the water as the left realizes the sharks are circling around the wounded bleeding corpses that are the left, the democorrupt party, and B. Hussein himself.