Monday, May 31, 2010

Turkey Threatens To Send Second Flotilla Escorted By The Turkish Navy

Of course, if Turkey does this,it means war:

Turkey has threatened Israel with unprecedented action after Israeli forces attacked an aid vessel, killing 10 peace activists headed to Gaza.{...}

Turkey recalled its ambassador to Israel and warned of unprecedented and incalculable reprisals.

Two Turkish activists were reported to be among those killed in the flotilla. Ankara warned that further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy, a development with unpredictable consequences.

Israel has sounded an alert throughout the country fearing rocket attacks by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The Arab League has called an urgent meeting on Tuesday to decide on a common response. Egypt is under pressure to end the blockade of Gaza while Greece has cancelled a military exercise with Israel.

I doubt that Turkey is going to fight with Israel over Gaza unless Tayyip Erdogan is stupid as well as an Islamist tool. The Israelis have both air and technological superiority even without using nukes, and Turkey’s army would have to take the long route and go through Syria in order to get at the Israelis, which would mean they would be attacking through the fortified Golan Heights.

The Turkish Army’s chances of breaking through there are nil, and Syria is not about to let Turkey involve Syria in a shooting war with Israel…they have good memories about what happened the last few times they tried it.

Turkey still entertains hopes of getting into the EU(at least, while it’s still around) and taking on Israel would pretty much end that..nor would NATO come in on Turkey’s side. Plus, the Turks have their own internal political and economic problems.

Anything can happen, but I doubt Erdogan is going to send the Turkish navy to attack Israel unless he really does want a shooting war. I don’t think he does.

However, there is an easy way to keep the blockade up while avoiding any direct confrontations...simply mine the harbors and anchorages leading into Gaza and post them with buoys.If Turkey or any more 'peace activists' send ships to Gaza and they happen to hit mines and sink,well, inshallah,baby!

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independent patriot said...

Iran would like nothing more than to start a shooting war btwn Israel and Turkey and ifear that moron in charge in Turkey is more than happy to comply. It will distract the world from what Iran is doing. Israel on the other hand will do what she needs to do. I also disagree with you about Syria. Bashir has never shown to be too bright. He is definitely not his father. If Iran wants this to happen it will. Will ISrael destroy both countries if necessary? Of course, but it will be at a great cost.
I hope that Obama is happy, the war he wanted is on the verge of beginning.

Anonymous said...

you idiot israel people.

Clovis Sangrail said...

To my great regret, it seems to have worked as something of a propaganda coup in the UK. Of course most people here seem to be ready to hear the worst about Israel but in this case the counter-evidence is in plain sight (on YouTube) and still they ignore it.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Clovis,
It's good to hear from you again, and I certainly hope you make a practice of dropping by more often.I hope you're well.

Having seen the Beeb this AM, I regret to say I'm not at all surprised that a number of people in the UK seem to have bought this - having already been predisposed to do so.They simply don't realize that by ripping at Israel they are damaging their own freedom and security.

I will have something up shortly which seeks top tie the ends together, as it were.

Best Regards,

louielouie said...

i would have expected our secretary of state Klebb to have blathered about this. if hussein told her what to say and when that is.