Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Update: Dick 'Warrior' Blumenthal Is Staying In The Senate Race

Hey, he didn't quit back when the going got tough in the rice paddies of Hartford, and he ain't quitting now, dammit!

After being busted for lying repeatedly about combat service in Vietnam, Blumenthal's reaction was to come out swinging with a few rent-a-vets on stage with him, saying there would be no apology claiming he merely said it was "a few misplaced words. In instead of during". Not only that, but this 'warrior' had the gall to hold his presser at a VFW post, which didn't please Connecticut’s VFW commander. Nor is the press buying it:

In an unsatisfying news conference on Tuesday, Mr. Blumenthal said he had meant to say that he served “during” the Vietnam War, not “in” Vietnam. He was surrounded by veterans who said he had repeatedly used that construction over the years. But even that phrase seems intended to suggest to inattentive voters that he had a greater link to the war than he actually did.

There is nothing wrong with having received multiple military deferments during the Vietnam period, as Mr. Blumenthal did, and neither those deferments nor the details of his service in the reserve have any bearing on his fitness to become a senator.

But his embellishments do. Mr. Blumenthal, who has an exemplary record as attorney general, has only a few months to demonstrate that they are an aberration and not a disqualifying character trait.

'Service'? Doing the tough duty with the Toys For Tots brigade?

I seem to recall that for eight years, the Left went berserk over George W. Bush's reserve service - even though he was flying jets in a potentially hazardous situation rather than playing Marine in DC with other well-connected elites.But, you know, Bush was ee-vil, right?

Even Chris Matthews wasn't able to stomach this creep's chutzpah:

Meanwhile the The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee says they are sticking with Blumenthal. Says a lot about them, doesn't it?

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B.Poster said...

"Meanwhile the Democratic Sematorial campaign says they are sticking with Blumenthal. Says alot about them, doesn't it?"

Actually this comes as no surprise to me. Mr. blumenthal will still probably get all of the Democrat party voters. Before he was caught in his lie he likely would have captured a few Republican voters in his state. Now those votes are likely lost to him. Given that the polls seem to indicate a tight race, he probably lost a large number of votes at the "center." Will he retain enough of them to win? I think that's the major question. Also, I would like to know what Mr. Blumenthal did to anger the New York Times.