Sunday, May 09, 2010

Obama Golfs...While Nashville Drowns

Our president hit the links today, while the people of Nashville are still trying to deal with a horrendous flood that has entire parts of the city still being underwater.

Damage estimates at this point have already surpassed a billion dollars, and are likely to go higher. And there were a number of fatalities, some of them people who drowned in their cars while caught in traffic on the interstate.

The news media - the same people that excoriated President Bush over Katrina - has almost totally ignored this story.

Not only has President Obama not visited the area, he hasn't even mentioned anything about it...just like in Kentucky, when the President was far more interested in hosting a Superbowl party in his toasty warm Oval office than he was in women, kids and old people freezing to death.

Apparently whatever interest and compassion the president has in the well-being of our country's citizens has some rather interesting blind spots.

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B.Poster said...

This reminds me of something. I'm remembering something I read in a history text long, long ago. It read something like this. "Nero fiddled while Rome burned."

The 21st century equivelant to this would be "Barack golfed, while parts of Nashville lay buried under water, while an oil well explosion in the Gulf threatened an unprecedented natural disaster, while the economy lay in shambles, while the military is being worn thin from its continued operations on multiple fronts, while the country faced massive national debt, Barack golfed."

Btw, the human loss from the Nashville floods will probably exceed that of the oil well explosion in the Gulf, however, these things are not nearly as exciting nor do they offer as much of an opportunity for a power grab by environmental groups as an oil well explosion does.

louielouie said...

....well, this is the FEMA dept. that hussein inherited from the bush administration, and, as everyone knows, the flood of nashville is bush's fault.
........ so, i don't see what the issue is here......

B.Poster said...

The issue here is Mr. Obama has had plenty of time to fix FEMA or at least to make progress in fixing FEMA. Everyone knows President Bush was the worst President in US history, at least to date. As I've said before, Mr. Obama and his team probably have until this summer for their to progress in fixing the mess he inherited from the Bush Administration. By summer, I mean until around July. If progress has not been made by then, I would expect there to be problems for him and his party. If he can make progress, then his party coasts to victory during the next election cycle.

Unfortunately for him, his team, and the Democratic party not only has there not been progress but much of the inherited mess is now worse. When trying to clean up a mess, the first thing one does is to stop making a mess. As such, Mr. Obama should have begun by ordering an immediate withdrawl from Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the Middle East and the world. Those troops should have been immediately deployed to defensible positions along the borders. Also, an immediate halt in the growth of all government spending should have been ordered except for funds allocated to social security payments, infrastructure projects, and the small business administration for loans to small business. SBA spending is vital to the growth of our economy and to get out of the recession we are in.